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Automount NFS in OS X | Your Mac / Linux Guy
The only way I’ve found this to work – with limitations; see below – is to instead append `browse` to the `AUTOMOUNTD_MNTOPTS=…` line in `/etc/autofs.conf`; e.g.

This causes automounted mounts to behave as follows – WHILE ACTUALLY MOUNTED:

* They show up *individually* on the Desktop – assuming the Finder option to show connected servers on the Desktop is turned on.
* in the Finder sidebar, only the *server* – not the individual mounts – shows up in category Shared as connected – implied by the eject icon next to it – assuming you have the Finder option to show connected servers in the sidebar turned on.
* Also note that if you eject the server via the Finder sidebar, the icons disappear from the Desktop – yet, the shares will continue to be accessible, by virtue of being automounts that reconnect on demand.

Another useful tidbit, although unrelated to the problem I was having:
One last thing to mention. You will probably wish to disable the creation of .DS_Store files on network volumes when using automounts. The Finder has a bad habit of leaving these files open, so your automounted shares will not unmount after set idle times like they’re supposed to. To keep your Mac from writing .DS_Store files to network drives, run the following defaults command in the terminal. This is a per-user setting.

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true
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