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827976 - Creating the hidden window lazily on non-Mac platforms
Could this be why shortcuts don't work until the first time a menu selection is triggered?
thunerbird  bug  regression  a11y  macos  shortcutkey  hotkey  needshelp 
september 2019 by kme
Accessibility - The State of the Web - YouTube -
Overview of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG):
WCAG 2.1 recommendations:
Free accessibility Udacity webinar by Google:
Accessibility guides on
Rob Dodson's A11ycast video series:
Accessibility report on HTTP Archive:
The importance of accessibility in product design:
3 tips when designing for accessibility:

Watch more State of the Web episodes here →
w3c  standards  aria  a11y  accessibility  webdevel  bestpractices  video 
january 2019 by kme
How to Disable Transparency Effects in Mac OS X Interface
At least it makes the calculator usable again on top of a white background.
mac  osx  transparency  a11y  annoyance  solution 
april 2017 by kme
keyboard shortcuts - Universal Access Zoom In/Out - elementary OS Stack Exchange
This still seems to work in Loki (0.4)--but is sometimes flaky?.
By default, elementary OS has a magnifier that can be used by pressing ⌘++ to zoom in and ⌘+- to zoom out.

Note that ⌘ refers to the "Super" key, which on your hardware might have a Windows logo, an Ubuntu logo, or the word "Command".
ubuntu  a11y  hotkey  zoom  solution  elementaryos  x11 
december 2015 by kme
Mac OS X Maverick: Re-enable Tap and Drag on a Trackpad or Touchpad | a Tech-Recipes Tutorial
Prior to OS X Lion, you could tap and drag to select text, move icons and windows in any app where you had to select items. For power users, this is a very handy feature and is useful for those users with Macs that do not have a multi-gesture capable touchpad or trackpad.

1. Go into Preferences.

2. Go to Accessibility.

3. On the left pane, go down to Mouse & Trackpad.
mac  osx  trackpad  a11y  mavericks  annoyance  movein 
may 2015 by kme
HTML5 Placeholder Styling with CSS -
I learned an important lesson. It seems when you're using vendor-specific selectors, you shouldn't try to separate them with commas. They need to be one selector (or vendor-prefixed attribute) per line.
html5  css3  html  css  forms  solution  placeholder  a11y 
june 2014 by kme
Speak Selected Text with a Keystroke in Mac OS X
Speak Selected Text with a Keystroke in Mac OS X
mac  osx  a11y  tipsandtricks  tts  newbie 
april 2014 by kme
Ubuntu Linux Text-to-Speech |


#This script reads the information from the clipboard outloud.

#Look for festival being run.
running=$(pgrep festival)

if [ -z $running ]
#read it
xclip -o|festival --tts
#kill it
killall festival;killall aplay;sleep .1;killall aplay
linux  tts  samplecode  commandline  a11y  hotkey  solution 
march 2014 by kme

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