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Support Thunderbird 68 · Issue #577 · adam-p/markdown-here
<code class="language-diff">diff --git a/src/manifest.json b/src/manifest.json
index f3c5af4..4d1fae5 100644
--- a/src/manifest.json
+++ b/src/manifest.json
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
"128": "common/images/icon128.png",
"512": "common/images/icon512.png"
- "permissions": ["contextMenus", "storage"],
+ "permissions": ["menus", "storage"],
"background": {"page": "chrome/background.html"},
"content_scripts": [
@@ -46,7 +46,15 @@

,"applications": {
"gecko": {
- "id": "markdown-here-webext@adam.pritchard"
+ "id": "markdown-here-webext@adam.pritchard",
+ "strict_min_version": "68.0"
+ }
+ }
+ ,"legacy": {
+ "type": "xul",
+ "options": {
+ "page": "common/options.html",
+ "open_in_tab": true
thunderbird  markdown  addon  extension 
9 weeks ago by kme
Notes by Firefox – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
A notepad for Firefox. Contribute to mozilla/notes development by creating an account on GitHub.
notetaking  notes  productivity  firefox  extension  addon  sidebar  alternativeto  nvalt  simplenote 
may 2019 by kme
Bookmark Toolbar Menu Button – Add-ons for Firefox
Show the contents of the Bookmarks Toolbar in a drop down menu. This compresses the bookmark menu into one button that you can put on any toolbar you want to.

Popups (like bookmarklets) get blocked, though, and there's no way to confirm the popup warning banner, because the page gets reloaded immediately, at least for the Pinboard bookmarklet.
bookmarks  firefox  extension  addon  bookmarksbar  annoyance 
february 2018 by kme
Bookmark Toolbar Shortcuts – Add-ons for Firefox
Use Alt+1, Alt+2, ... , Alt+9 for bookmarks in the toolbar

Doesn't seem to work in OS X, though.
firefox  bookmarksbar  extension  addon  maybesolution 
february 2018 by kme
Pinboard Bookmark :: Add-ons for Firefox
This seems to be the only extension that works after the 52.x update killed the "official" Pinboard extension.

Edit: Pinboard+ is also okay (
pinboard  firefox  extension  addon  essential  movein 
august 2017 by kme
All addons disabled themselves. | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support []
FEBE backup and restore (complete profile) didn't work. I had to do what this guy did, remove and reinstall all of them.

Who knows why.
firefox  extension  addon  bug  annoyance  sortof  solution 
august 2017 by kme
Pinboard+ :: Add-ons for Firefox
This one is pretty okay, and I think it's the one I prefer to use with Chrome anyway.

Works with the new WebExtension API.
pinboard  firefox  extension  addon 
june 2017 by kme
Evernote Web Clipper :: Add-ons for Firefox
No longer works acceptably in Firefox 68, as Evernote insists that you accept third party cookies globally, which is unnacceptable from the point of view of privacy.

go to
> options
> privacy
> click "Exceptions..."
> add ""
> allow
> save changes
works for me
extension  addon  evernote  firefox  solution 
may 2017 by kme
Pinboard Pin :: Add-ons for Firefox
It's got a nice UI, but you can't assign a keyboard shortcut (yet), like Chrome, so I still need the "official" extension plus a keybinding-changer addon.
pinboard  firefox  addon  extension 
april 2017 by kme
Quick Locale Switcher :: Add-ons for Firefox
Used to be a very good and almost essential add-on... However, it seems that the developers turned it into an adware / spyware during March, 2013. Developer's site (ppclick) seems to be a scam or ad-site as well – when it is working. The site has always been an advertiser one according to the archives. It is recommended to stay away from this add-on and the developer's website as well. Beware and do not install, but rather tweak and update some (clean) old version of the add-on for yourself.
malware  language  firefox  addon  extension  locale 
april 2016 by kme
Thin Bookmarks :: Add-ons for Firefox
Allows you to remove the site icon from bookmarks, and makes the bookmarks toolbar shorter by removing extra padding.
firefox  bookmarkbar  ui  extension  addon  movein  essential  solution 
february 2016 by kme
Disable Ctrl-Q Shortcut :: Add-ons for Firefox
Might be able to use this as a template to disable Ctrl+D as the default bookmark extension.
firefox  shortcut  hotkey  extension  addon  annoyance  maybesolution 
december 2015 by kme
Pinch-to-zoom and Double-tap Gesture Support :: Add-ons for Firefox
A double two-finger tap seems to put the page back to 100% scale. "Smart Zoom" doesn't seem to work.
mac  osx  pinchtozoom  gestures  multitouch  firefox  addon  essential 
october 2015 by kme
Copy Title :: Add-ons for Firefox
(Temporary, hopefully) fix for the official Pinboard extension not grabbing the page title.
firefox  addon  extension  solution 
september 2015 by kme
WebExtensions - MozillaWiki
type about:config into the URL bar in Firefox
in the Search box type xpinstall.signatures.required
double-click the preference, or right-click and selected "Toggle", to set it to false.
webextension  firefox  addon  extension  config 
september 2015 by kme
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