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outlook 2007 - How to set up DavMail/LDAP in Thunderbird? - Super User
Question was about the base DN to use with Thunderbird LDAP.

The answer is "ou=people". Use your email address as the "Bind DN".
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july 2012 by kme
DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway - Thunderbird directory setup
NB: The local port may actually be configured as 1389 in DavMail, contrary to the screenshot(s). Don't fudge the username part, DavMail actually insists on the DOMAIN/USERNAME format, contrary to whatever instructions your local sysadmins may have provided for connecting to your internal LDAP server (Exchange for example, as an LDAP server, expects username@domainname.tld).
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july 2012 by kme
DavMail + Office365 - Stack Overflow
Q: Does anyone know what Exchange OWA URL I should use for connecting to Office 365 via DavMail? Tried:

The answer is to use the OWA web site, which looks something like The "podXXXXXX" hostname can be retrieved from "Options" --> "See All Options," "Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access... " and may actually redirect to the URL that you see while logged in to OWA. For me, "All Options" said, but this redirects to I used "pod51000" for DavMail and it worked fine.

Nowadays, you need to use, but the "EWS" setting for "Exchange protocol" must be explicit or else you get null pointer exceptions (shit don't work).
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july 2012 by kme
LDAP Support in Mozilla Thunderbird
In mail compose, when typing a partial mail address, a typedown window appears listing possible matches against address books and LDAP directories. For large companies, there may be a large number of users in the directory with the same name. In such a scenario, it may be hard to tell which person you really want to send the message to. In Thunderbird, the type down window can be customized to show arbitrary LDAP fields. This can be accomplished by setting the following preferences:

user_pref("mail.autoComplete.commentColumn", 2);
user_pref("ldap_2.servers.DIRECTORYNAME.autoComplete.commentFormat", "[ou]");
mozilla  thunderbird  addressbook  ldap  reference  sysadmin  networking  solution  tipsandtricks 
april 2010 by kme

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