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Adderall and ADHD at the office: Millennials took Adderall to get through school. Now they've taken their addiction to the workplace — Quartz
It has negatively impacted his relationships, though. “Since it makes you focus on work, it can be a lonely drug,” he says. His mother is concerned about his use, and his one significant attempt to quit happened a year ago, at his girlfriend’s request. She’d accused him of “being more interested in aligning things on websites than going to dinner and a movie,” so he agreed to stop. Aside from a couple of days spent binge-watching Frasier, he had no withdrawal symptoms. Soon, his relationship improved, but his career suffered. “I had obligations to all these clients,” he says. “When I stopped taking Adderall, I just stopped emailing them, because I didn’t want to build a website—I wanted to hang out with my friends.” Three months later, Raphael started taking the drug again.

Raphael, for one, can’t predict what his relationship with Adderall will look like in the future—but as his job isn’t getting easier, he’s not planning to quit again anytime soon: “We might end up being one the smartest, saddest, loneliest groups of people ever.”
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