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text processing - How to parse hundred html source code files in shell? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
<code class="language-bash">hxselect '#the_div_id' <file</code>

<code class="language-bash">pup '#the_div_id' < file.html</code>
webdevel  cssselectors  commandline  cli  html  parser  fuckina  alternativeto  xmlstarlet 
14 days ago by kme
Index of /Tools/HTML-XML-utils

<code>cexport (1) - create headerfile of exported declarations from a C file
hxaddid (1) - add ID's to selected elements
hxcite (1) - replace bibliographic references by hyperlinks
hxcite-mkbib (1) - expand references and create bibliography
hxcopy (1) - copy an HTML file while preserving relative links
hxcount (1) - count elements and attributes in HTML or XML files
hxextract (1) - extract selected elements
hxclean (1) - apply heuristics to correct an HTML file
hxprune (1) - remove marked elements from an HTML file
hxincl (1) - expand included HTML or XML files
hxindex (1) - create an alphabetically sorted index
hxmkbib (1) - create bibliography from a template
hxmultitoc (1) - create a table of contents for a set of HTML files
hxname2id - move some ID= or NAME= from A elements to their parents
hxnormalize (1) - pretty-print an HTML file
hxnum (1) - number section headings in an HTML file
hxpipe (1) - convert XML to a format easier to parse with Perl or AWK
hxprintlinks (1) - number links & add table of URLs at end of an HTML file
hxremove (1) - remove selected elements from an XML file
hxtabletrans (1) - transpose an HTML or XHTML table
hxtoc (1) - insert a table of contents in an HTML file
hxuncdata (1) - replace CDATA sections by character entities
hxunent (1) - replace HTML predefined character entities to UTF-8
hxunpipe (1) - convert output of pipe back to XML format
hxunxmlns (1) - replace "global names" by XML Namespace prefixes
hxwls (1) - list links in an HTML file
hxxmlns (1) - replace XML Namespace prefixes by "global names"
asc2xml, xml2asc (1) - convert between UTF8 and &#nnn; entities
hxref (1) - generate cross-references
hxselect (1) - extract elements that match a (CSS) selector
webdevel  cssselectors  commandline  cli  html  parser  alternativeto  xmlstarlet 
14 days ago by kme
Going mad(1) - TJ Holowaychuk
mad(1) is a tiny tool that allows you to view markdown manual pages. I’m a huge fan of man in general, but the format is pretty annoying and often converted from markdown, textile etc anyway. The output man produces is also pretty bad in my opinion, mainly whitespace issues.
bash  shell  markdown  quickreference  viewer  alternativeto  mdless  mdv  nd 
5 weeks ago by kme
tj/mad: mad(1) is a markdown manual page viewer
Probably want to apply right away, and 'cp *.md' from to ~/.local/share/mad.

This is also a really good template for new Bash utility scripts (good options parsing, local config, a 'share' directory, Makefile, self-update feature).
markdown  cli  commandline  viewer  bash  alternativeto  mdless  mdv  nd  quickreference  inspiration 
5 weeks ago by kme
Parcellite indicator in Ubuntu 13.10 - Ask Ubuntu |
It seems that a fork of Parcellite is available and this fork supports does provide an indicator for Unity:

Parcellite with Ubuntu AppIndicator? ClipIt!

Links to:
linux  clipboardmanager  clipboard  history  utility  essential  alternativeto  diodon  movein 
november 2019 by kme
Alternatives to Amazon? They exist. - Bibliology
Try these independent companies:

Marketplaces: Biblio (of course), Antiqbook, Livre Rare Book, Maremagnum, Powell’s Books,*, Tomfolio*, and*

Meta Searches: AddALL, viaLibri, Marelibri, 2017 update: BookGilt

Inventory Software: BookHound, BookTrakker

Website Providers: Bibliopolis

Book Order Management: Art of Books, Indaba
books  usedbooks  retailers  onlinestores  shopping  alternativeto  amazon 
october 2019 by kme
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