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Update: Version 0.7.0 | Didier Stevens
<code class="language-bash">
./ -n document.pdf
./ -s objstm document.pdf

# decode stream objects ('-f' = filter)
./ -s objstm -f document.pdf

# force '' to parse the output of above (even though it's
# missing a proper PDF header)
./ -s objstm -f document.pdf | ./ -n -f

# which is (I think?) is roughly the same as
./ -a -O document.pdf
pdf  parser  reversing  reverseengineering  forensic  malware  analysis  commandline  python  video  streamobject  solution 
12 weeks ago by kme
Twin Peaks - Making Sense of the Return - YouTube |
I think the underlying idea behind the whole show, made extremely literal in the final scene, was "you can't go home again."

I'm thinking the final episode was all about denial.
You got the denial sex scene where neither of them are into it.
You got Laura denying she is Laura.
You got The Palmer House denying its the Palmer House.
Then it calls out to Laura and she remembers, they both remember, denial is broken.

If we work in what you folks have pointed out, that the actual 'story' is irrelevant but that the 'irrelevant' scenes are what we are supposed to take from it - the degradation of Middle Class America, Bath-Salts and domestic violence, trailer parks, paranoid broadcasts and a myriad of unknown illnesses affecting everybody - all the 'background' scenes... then perhaps the breaking of denial is the ultimate pursuit?
I really liked this vid. : )
twinpeaks  retrospective  analysis  forthecomments 
august 2018 by kme

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