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HowTos/PXE/InternetInstallation - CentOS Wiki
So *this* is why the netinstall ISO doesn't give you a list of mirrors to pick from. Because it's not Debian, and Anaconda doesn't do across-the-Internet installs very well.
People attempting such installations tend to be 'drive-by' distribution 'samplers' or 'first time newbies' who impose a load of many questions on CentOS support structures, seem to always be insistent on receiving immediate answers, but (from experience) have usually not read the Installation documentation. As such, there is little incentive to support such efforts by the regulars in the #centos IRC channel.
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22 days ago by kme
passwords - MySQL Utilities - ~/.my.cnf option file - Stack Overflow
The gist is that the other utilities ('mysqldump', for example) use different "defaults groups."
mysql  commandline  cli  sysadmin  dba  newbie  question  answered  solution 
8 weeks ago by kme
how am i supposed to remember ipv6 addresses? - Open Forum | DSLReports Forums |
Short answer: local name servers or /etc/hosts. Or copy-paste.
On a broader note, I am always amazed at the comment 'How can I remember' when dealing with computers. Excuse me but isn't that what computers are for? Is the concept of making a file and then copy/paste foreign to most people? I don't have to remember anything not that I could remember my 32 digit login's and passwords, as an example. As for IPV6, for the vast majority of home users, it's irrelevant.
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january 2019 by kme
MySql - Is primary key unique by default? - Stack Overflow |
Primary key is always unique in every SQL. You dont have to explicitly define it as UNIQUE.

On a side note: You can only have one Primary key in a table and it never allows null values. Also you can have only one primary key constraint in the table(as the point of creating a primary key is to uniquely identify the row in your table) but you can more than one unique key constraint in your table.


An employee details table having EmpID as Primary key and EmpPhoneNo as unique key.
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march 2018 by kme
mysql - Differences between "Unique Key" and "Primary Key" - Database Administrators Stack Exchange |
A table can have at most one PRIMARY KEY constraint but it can have as many as you want UNIQUE KEY constraints.

Columns that are part of the PRIMARY KEY must be defined as NOT NULL. That is not required for columns that are part of UNIQUE KEY constraints. If the columns are not Nullable, then there is no difference between Unique and Primary Keys.

Another minor difference is that you can choose the name you want for a UNIQUE KEY constraint (and index). On the other hand, the PRIMARY KEY has the default name: PRIMARY.

Also helpful:

Most important difference is in their purpose.

* Primary Key: Purpose of Primary Key is to act as a “KEY”. A primary key is a key in a relational database used to identify records.
* Unique Index: Unique Index is an “INDEX” intended for performance. Optimizer knows that for a condition "where x =:x” there will be only one record as a result – so it can prepare a plan suitable for that.
* Unique Constraint: It is a “CONSTRAINT” which makes sure that there are no duplicate values in that column. It is a constraint for data integrity.

Apart from their purpose, following points are noteworthy.

* Unless otherwise specified PRIMARY KEY will try to create a CLUSTERED INDEX (This point is about SQL Server though, as mentioned in the comment)
* There can be only one PRIMARY KEY per table; but there can be many unique constraints and unique indexes
* PRIMARY KEY is always not null but columns with unique constraint can hold NULL values
dba  primarykey  database  mysql  sql  thisvsthat  newbie  answered 
march 2018 by kme
http - application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data? - Stack Overflow

The moral of the story is, if you have binary (non-alphanumeric) data (or a significantly sized payload) to transmit, use multipart/form-data. Otherwise, use application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

According to the specification:

[Reserved and] non-alphanumeric characters are replaced by `%HH', a percent sign and two hexadecimal digits representing the ASCII code of the character

That means that for each non-alphanumeric byte that exists in one of our values, it's going to take three bytes to represent it. For large binary files, tripling the payload is going to be highly inefficient.
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february 2017 by kme
Issue 1107258: os.pathsep is wrong on Mac OS X - Python tracker
You want os.sep, not os.pathsep.
You are misunderstanding what os.path.pathsep is for. It is the string that separates paths themselves, not parts of a path. It's ':' because that is how you separate paths on Darwin and any UNIX platform (e.g., "/usr/
python  mac  osx  newbie  question  answered 
december 2016 by kme
Get down to brass tacks - meaning and origin.
Of the supposed explanations that don't have literal allusions, we can rule out links with any form of 'brass tax'. There have been taxes on brass at various times, but no one can find any connection with this phrase. 'Getting down to brass tax' appears to be just a misspelling. The expression is also often said to be an example of Cockney rhyming slang, meaning 'facts'. In the strange world of Cockney argot, 'tacks' does indeed rhyme with 'facts' (facks), but that's as far as it goes. Rhyming slang coinages from the 19th century are limited to the UK and Australia. The apparent US origin of the phrase discounts the rhyming slang origin.</blockquote
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april 2016 by kme
Garbage Text Next to Git Chunk Header - Stack Overflow
From all diff/patch tools point of view, this is nothing more than a noise or comment - it is totally ignored by all other tools.

However, in practice for most source code git tools like git diff generate here function name that contained this change. In other words, just by looking at commit diff, you can quickly tell what function this commit has touched.

In your case it did not look like function name, but probably only because git diff was not optimized to deal with javascript files, and somehow got confused.
git  git-diff  solution  mystery  answered  devel  scm  versioncontrol  diff 
october 2014 by kme

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