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3.5mm headphone jack to Optical audio (TO… - Apple Community
I have a macbook pro from 2010. Before I buy one I was wondering if I can use a 3.5mm (headphones jack) to optical audio cable (Toslink) to have sound from my macbook pro run through my surround sound system? Anyone know if this works? My surround sound system definitely has the optical audio input.
macbookpro  mac  hardware  audio  toslink 
october 2019 by kme
Enterprise-Grade Media Encoding Using the Yo Smartphone App: A White Paper - The Awl

Yo does provide a data exchange endpoint for developers to use when building tools that integrate with the service, such as the proposed new audio format. However, it is also customary for technology companies to limit the rate at which such endpoints can be accessed, so as to prevent spam and abuse. The current service rate limit allows third-party tools to send one Yo per minute, equivalent to 0.167 Yos per second (hereafter, YPS). The proposed Yo-based audio format requires a DSD-level sample rate which has been doubled to allow Nyquist-based bit state construction and validation. This works out to at least 5.65 million YPS, or up to 45.2 million YPS for high-resolution contexts like professional recordings. Our inquiries to the app's parent company about raising the maximum rate limit for sending Yos by 270,409,581 percent were not acknowledged. Thus, the primary obstacle to a useful Yo-based digital audio format is Yo itself.
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october 2014 by kme
Dragon Dictate + Bluetooth. Just need a better mic? - headset dictation mac | Ask MetaFilter
There is a work-around that is working really well on my new iMac:

Download and install Line In and Soundflower.
Connect your headset to the computer's Bluetooth connection without the dongle.
Open Sound Preferences.
Select your headset for both the Input and Output as the headset. (That way you can hear the computer if you have set it to speak to you or you are listening to music &c.)
Open Line In (You will be using it a lot, so you may as well set it to stay in the dock.)
When you open Line In, a window will pop up that gives you options of "Input From" and "Output To".
You want to set the Input from your headset.
You want to set the Output to "Soundflower". I am using the 16 channel setting because it works. This is so rigged up that I don't want to try the 2 Channel and ruin things.
When you set up the profile in Dictate, you will then choose "Soundflower" in the list of microphone inputs. You should then be able to trick it into thinking that it is a valid (to them) device. Make sure you are selecting the same one (either 16 or 2) that you selected as the output in Line Out.

Other options: Plantronics Calisto
mac  osx  audio  routing  dictation  dragondictate  usb  headset  bluetooth  annoyance  solution 
january 2014 by kme

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