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macos - How to bring an application made in Automator to the foreground upon launch? - Ask Different
I used 'open -a' to run the application (from a shell script), instead of just running the binary from the Contents/MacOS directory directly.
macos  automator  windowmanagement  sortof  solution 
september 2019 by kme
DropShadow App Made With Automator and ImageMagick - Podfeet Podcasts
This is probably easier than trying to do it with Script-Fu, which I gave up on after about two hours in the (Guile) tutorial.
imagemagick  imageprocessing  dropshadow  imagemanipulation  automator  mac  osx  commandline  solution 
july 2018 by kme
osx - How can I send a mail message later? - Ask Different
It is possible to achieve this effect using Calendar and Automator:

Open Automator and create a Calendar Alarm.

Use the tasks "New mail message" and "Send Outgoing Messages" and customize them as required. (Fig. 1)

Save and move the event in Calendar to when you want the message to be sent. (Fig. 2)
sendlater  applemail  automation  automator  scheduledtask  solution 
march 2016 by kme
Automator workflow "run shell script" keeps run... | Apple Support Communities
If I remove the “nohup”, the result does not change. Removal of the “/dev/null 2>&1”, however, results in the same problem originally described by Kim van der Leeuw. My guess is the background process has stdout and stderr redirected by default back to the automator. When redirected to /dev/null, the automator no longer waits for the background process to complete. To summarize, change
HOME=$HOME/Dropbox-quivertree /Applications/ &
HOME=$HOME/Dropbox-quivertree /Applications/ >/dev/null 2>&1 &
automator  mavericks  automation  shellscripting  solution 
may 2015 by kme
Automator searching labels rather than...: Apple Support Communities
Use boolean operators (i.e. Tag:Green OR tag: Grey NOT Tag:Blue)

For multiple tagged files use: Tag:Green AND Tag:Gray

Except for Lion it's "label:green." Other than that, it's all good.
automator  finder  mac  osx  metadata  automation  solution 
may 2014 by kme
OS X utility for wrapping text in HTML? - OSX autocomplete clipboards | Ask MetaFilter
Not sure how handy you are with scripty things, but here's enough to do what you described above. Paste this into a new document in the Script Editor application:

on process(input)
return "<a href=\"" & (the clipboard as Unicode text) & "\">" & input & "</a>"
end process

Save it somewhere, then open ThisService. Give it a name, select the script you saved, and select "Filter (both)." Select a shortcut if you'd like and you're good to go.
mac  osx  automation  textprocessing  service  automator  applescript  solution 
march 2013 by kme

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