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Connecting to Your Linux Instance Using SSH - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
NB: It doesn't seem like you can verify the host SSH key fingerprint except on the first boot. The command for that is:
aws ec2 get-console-output --instance-id instance_id


Ensure that the instance is in the running state, not the pending state. The SSH HOST KEY FINGERPRINTS section is only available after the first boot of the instance.


Your default security group does not allow incoming SSH traffic by default.
sysadmin  aws  ssh  keyfingerprint  solution 
february 2017 by kme
python 2.7 - How do I install markupsafe into my Flask virtualenv? - Stack Overflow
I had to use 'easy_install' within the virtualenv to get it installed. Pip was broken. Had the same problem later getting SQLAlchemy installed.
flask  amazon  aws  ami  centos  annoyance  packagemanagement  dependencyhell  solution 
february 2017 by kme

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