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pam_mount - ArchWiki |
This avoids double mount attempts and errors relating to dropped privileges.
pam  pam_mount  network  filesystem  automount  cifs  maybesolution 
april 2018 by kme
pam_mount module / Bugs / #44 v1.3 - unknown pam_mount option "try_first_pass" |
try_first_pass is obsolete. The replacement is called "enable_pam_password" as per doc/options.txt. 'pam_password' is enabled by default, so you do not need to specify it either.
linux  cifs  pam  mount  network  filesystem  errormessage  solution 
april 2018 by kme
UNC links - MediaWiki |
<code class="language-wikitext">[file:///{{#replace:{{#replace:{{{1}}}| |%20}}|\|/}} {{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{2}}}}}]</code>
mediawiki  windows  networking  cifs  unc  fileprotocol  customization  essential  movein  sysadmin 
march 2018 by kme
NETGEAR ReadyNAS • View topic - Share visible from Windows Explorer but not in Web GUI
The second way is to try manually editing Shares.conf. There is a command line editor in linux called vi, but it is not that easy to learn. A simpler option is to download notepad++ from and install it on your PC. Copy Shares.conf to one of your shares with ssh, then edit it with notepad++ from the PC. Then rename the existing Shares.conf, and copy the revised version back into /etc/frontview/samba/ After all that you'd need to restart.
almostsolution  readynas  cifs  smb  configfile 
january 2014 by kme
Connecting to an SMB server from the command line in OS X | Der Flounder
mount_smbfs //’DOMAIN;username’ ~/sharename
smb  cifs  samba  mount  mac  osx  commandline  scripting  cli  solution 
december 2013 by kme

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