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Help:Using the Wayback Machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Using the wayback template

{{wayback}} can create these links for you; use the |url=, |title= and |date= parameters to specify the URL, title and date. For example:

{{wayback |url= |title=Wikipedia |date=20010727112808 }}
→ Wikipedia at the Wayback Machine (archived July 27, 2001)

Without the date included:

{{wayback |url= |title=Wikipedia }}
→ Wikipedia at the Wayback Machine

Note that the date parameter defaults to *
Working with cite templates

{{citation}}, and all of the Citation Style 1 templates support the |archiveurl= parameter (Note that the |archivedate= parameter is also required). Other citation templates may also support |archiveurl= — see their documentation.

{{citation |url= |title=Wikipedia Main Page |archiveurl= |archivedate=2002-09-30 |accessdate=2005-07-06 }}
→ "Wikipedia Main Page". Archived from the original on 2002-09-30. Retrieved 2005-07-06.
Where an archived resource notes its original publication date, use |date= in place of |accessdate=.
When adding an archive URL to any citation where the original resource URL is still working, it is useful to add the |deadurl=no parameter. Should the original URL stop working, it is a simple job to either change this to |deadurl=yes or remove the parameter. With |deadurl=no, clicking the title in the footnote invokes the original (live) URL, clicking "Archived" gives the archived copy. Otherwise the title invokes the archived page, "Original" invokes the (dead unless it has been reinstated) original link.
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july 2015 by kme
Zotero Forums - Url in MLA?

First, quickly read through this instructions, so you understand the general principle of what you're about to do (they're short, don't worry)

Then find this part:

<macro name="access">
<group delimiter=" ">
<date variable="accessed">
<date-part name="day" suffix=" "/>
<date-part name="month" form="short" include-period="true" suffix=" "/>
<date-part name="year"/>

and add this line between </group> and </macro>

<text variable="URL" prefix=". & lt ;" suffix="& gt ;"/>

(there should be no spaces between the ampersand lt and gt and the semicolon - this won't show up correctly on the forum without the spaces. the space between period and ampersand is on purpose, though, so leave it in)

then follow the instructions in the link above to change the style ID, save your new style and get it back into Zotero. Done.

adamsmith Nov 12th 2009

For future reference: Since this is still an option (though clearly the non-standard one) in MLA I have added an MLA with URL style to the repository.
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march 2014 by kme

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