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scplugin: Roadmap
Product requests are the items that are visible to the end user of SCPlugin.

Connection protocols:
Accurate badging for all cases
SCPlugin to begin badging on Finder launch, instead of only after a context-menu selection
Badging of the top-level working copy folder
folder badges change to reflect changes inside folders (recursively)
Badging to work when a file is moved to another directory (right now, the badging sticks but it is not correct to stick)
Extension to 'Get Info' in Finder to add in SVN information about a file.
SVN information added to the Finder 'Show view options' so it can be reported in the Finder window as a column
Completion of the basic SVN functions from the command line (e.g., SVN->Info, Log, etc).
SVN Lock functionality
SVN Needs-Lock functionality
SVN property display/edit
Drag-and-drop into/out of the set-up dialog to include/exclude files from a pending operation such as a commit
(Optionally, configurably) colorize files, as well as badging, so they can be used for smart folders
Merge functionality. There are two big options here:
Write our own merge tool
Integrate an existing merge tool
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august 2013 by kme

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