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My Collection of PHP Performance Benchmarks
* Use strpos in most cases where you just need to tell if a string contains (or starts with) another string:
strpos($haystack, $needle) !== false
strpos($haystack, $needle) === 0
php  webdevel  optimization  performance  stringmanipulation  patternmatching  regexp  comparison 
october 2014 by kme
Accumulator Generator
For Scheme:
(let x (foo 1))

to create an "instance" of the generator. Then 'x' retains its state between calls like '(x 1)' and '(x 2)'.
chrestomathy  comparison  programming  languages  cs 
march 2013 by kme
Chrestomathy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chrestomathy (from the Greek words khrestos, useful, and mathein, to know) is a collection of choice literary passages, used especially as an aid in learning a subject.
programming  languages  comparison  chrestomathy  reference 
january 2013 by kme

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