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Enable special handling for "dotfiles" (files or folders whose name begins with a period) in the package directory. If this option is enabled, Stow will add a preprocessing step for each file or folder whose name begins with "dot-", and replace the "dot-" prefix in the name by a period ("."). This is useful when Stow is used to manage collections of dotfiles, to avoid having a package directory full of hidden files.

For example, suppose we have a package containing two files, stow/dot-bashrc and stow/dot-emacs.d/init.el. With this option, Stow will create symlinks from .bashrc to stow/dot-bashrc and from .emacs.d/init.el to stow/dot-emacs.d/init.el. Any other files, whose name does not begin with "dot-", will be processed as usual.
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december 2019 by kme
ingydotnet/...: Dot Dot Dot |
Dot Dot Dot. Contribute to ingydotnet/... development by creating an account on GitHub.
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january 2019 by kme
Can I "export" functions in bash? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
This is why the 'module' shell function wasn't available to me within 'screen'; because it had been sourced from /etc/profile.d, and was therefore not available to subshells started from screen.
In Bash you can export function definitions to sub-shell with

export -f function_name

Functions are not exported to subprocesses. This is why there are files named .kshrc or .bashrc: To define functions that shoiuld be available in subshells also.
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march 2016 by kme
The Bash Shell Startup Files
Some excellent shell functions to atomically add paths to PATH-like environment variables:
# Functions to help us manage paths. Second argument is the name of the
# path variable to be modified (default: PATH)
pathremove () {
local IFS=':'
local DIR
for DIR in ${!PATHVARIABLE} ; do
if [ "$DIR" != "$1" ] ; then

pathprepend () {
pathremove $1 $2

pathappend () {
pathremove $1 $2
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february 2016 by kme
Was The Windows Registry a Good Idea?
Was The Windows Registry a Good Idea? No

Was it better than the implementation of INI files? Yes

Solution : A better implementation of ini files

The two things it solved was speed and centralisation
Ini files are slow, but don't need to be?
Ini files are scattered but don't need to be

If I run a program I would expect it to save my settings in my space not in it's program folder, not in the system folder, not hidden somewhere (seemingly randomly) in the registry, if it's a global setting - isn't that what All Users is for?
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october 2015 by kme

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