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How do I split an action into a multi-line format? – Ansible, Inc.
With a long 'command' stanza, I didn't even find that the YAML line continuation character (">") was necessary. Just indenting the subsequent lines seemed to be enough.
newbie  faq  ansible  configfile  continuationcharacter 
may 2016 by kme
Multi-Line JavaScript Strings
I think this is quite controversial. Other than issue with minifiers, ‘backslashes’ can cause error if there is any white space after it. I often write multiline string as arrays and join, this way IMO is quite readable.

var multiStr = [
"This is the first line",
"This is the second line",
"This is more..."
javascript  continuationcharacter  multilinestrings  idiom  styleguide  programming  webdevel  devel  reference 
october 2014 by kme

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