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When Your Child Is a Psychopath - The Atlantic
He started talking in therapy and in class. He quit mouthing off and settled down. He developed the first real bonds in his young life. “The teachers, the nurses, the staff, they all seemed to have this idea that they could make a difference in us,” he says. “Like, Huh! Something good could come of us. We were believed to have potential.”
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may 2017 by kme
Until we treat rapists as ordinary criminals we won’t stop them | Aeon Essays
What such studies discovered about the character of these men was less startling. Were rapists less empathetic than other men? Unsurprisingly, yes. Were rapists more self-centred and manipulative? To no one’s amazement, yes. Did rapists have negative attitudes towards women? Unastonishingly, also yes. On all these parameters, the difference between rapists and non-rapists was small but significant. The conclusion seemed to be that rapists weren’t monsters, totally distinct from normal men, but did tend to be (to use layman’s terms) misogynist arseholes. Again, this was not earth-shattering news.

It’s also not good news. If relatively common levels of callousness, selfishness and sexism can turn a man into a rapist, the problem seems insoluble. We might conceivably end sexism, but people have been trying to root out callousness and selfishness for thousands of years with no noticeable success.

If there really is such a thing as rape culture, it follows that we should see large variations in rates of sexual violence from country to country, depending on the degree to which it is condoned or punished. To cut to the chase, we do. We might remember that 6 to 14.9 per cent of male college students in the US confessed to rape. This statistic seems terrible until you learn that, according to a study published in The Lancet, the percentage of men who self-identify as rapists in China is just under 23 per cent, and in Papua New Guinea, it’s a brutally depressing 60.7 per cent.
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april 2017 by kme
Dylann Roof found guilty on all counts in Charleston church massacre trial - The Washington Post
Roof was charged last year with hate crimes resulting in death, hate crimes involving attempts to kill, using a firearm during a crime of violence and with obstructing the exercise of religion resulting in death and attempts to kill people.
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december 2016 by kme
Arrested for same crime, in newspaper white suspects get yearbook photos, black suspects get mugshots - Boing Boing
KCRG's policy is to "use the best photographs of suspects available." The statement also explains the differing mugshot policies at the two stations where the suspects were jailed.
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april 2015 by kme

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