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Working on CityDesk, Part Five – Joel on Software
4. If You Can Only Do One Platform, Do Windows.

I’d love to have a Mac version and a Linux version, but they are not good uses of limited resources. Every dollar I invest in CityDesk Windows will earn me 20 times as many sales as a dollar invested in a hypothetical Mac version. Even if you assume that Mac has a higher percentage of creative and home users, I’m still going to sell a heck of a lot more copies on Windows than I could on Mac. And that means that to do a Mac version, the cost had better be under 10% of the cost of a Windows version. Unfortunately, that’s nowhere near true for CityDesk. We benefit from using libraries that are freely available on Windows (like the Jet multiuser ACID database engine and the DHTML edit control) for which there are no equivalents on the Macintosh. So if anything, a Mac port would cost more than the original Windows version. Until somebody does something about this fundamental economic truth, it’s hard to justify Mac versions from a business perspective. (Incidentally, I have said time and time again, if Apple wants to save the Mac, they have to change this equation.)

And don’t get me started about Linux. I don’t know of anyone making money off of Linux desktop software, and without making money, I can’t pay programmers and rent and buy computers and T1s. Despite romantic rhetoric, I really do need to pay the rent, so for now, you’re going to have to rely on college kids and the occasional charitable big company for your Linux software.
devel  gui  webui  webapps  windows  perspective  mac  crossplatform  economics 
july 2019 by kme
Inviska Rename
Free open-source batch file rename software for Windows, Mac and Linux
filerenamer  filemanagement  utility  crossplatform  opensource 
june 2019 by kme
Crow Translate
A simple and lightweight translator that allows to translate and speak text using Google, Yandex and Bing.
translation  app  crossplatform  qt  gui  alternativetto  goldendict 
june 2019 by kme
pyperclip · PyPI |
A cross-platform clipboard module for Python. (Only handles plain text for now.)
python  python3  crossplatform  clipboard  library 
february 2019 by kme
GitHub - brrd/Abricotine: Markdown editor with inline preview |
What I like about this one (even though Hundred Rabbits' "Left" has this feature) is the TOC sidebar.

However, it has a security problem (you need to disable iframe and image preview in the 'config.json'), detailed here:
markdown  editor  previewer  textediting  gui  mac  osx  electron  crossplatform 
december 2018 by kme
python - Print in terminal with colors? - Stack Overflow |
There's a useful gist in the comments (

Using Colorama to wrap stdout or installing ANSI.SYS (wherever you get that nowadays) seems to be required on Windows.
python  tui  colors  shellscripting  ansicolors  crossplatform  solution 
december 2017 by kme
Sqliteman - sqlite developer/admin tool
tl;dr: use

Source code is here () and binaries are here (

If this guy's legit, dev needs to get his shit together, because it's sketchy when things point all over the place, he's asking for money transferred via IBAN, and there hasn't been an update since 2010.
sqlite  gui  qt  dba  utility  software  crossplatform  sketchy 
november 2017 by kme
make - OS detecting makefile - Stack Overflow
The uname command ( with no parameters should tell you the operating system name. I'd use that, then make conditionals based on the return value.


UNAME := $(shell uname)

ifeq ($(UNAME), Linux)
# do something Linux-y
ifeq ($(UNAME), Solaris)
# do something Solaris-y
makefiles  devel  mac  osx  linux  crossplatform  toolchain  solution 
june 2016 by kme
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