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Why GitHub is not your CV – The If Works
GitHub profiles simply don’t tell you what you think they tell you.

There is really astonishingly little value in looking at someone’s GitHub projects out of context. For a start, GitHub has no way of customising your profile page, and what is shown by default is the projects with the most stars, and the projects you’ve recently pushed to. That is, GitHub picks your most popular repos and puts those at the top. You have no say about what you consider important, or worthwhile, or interesting, or well-engineered, or valuable. You just get what other people think is useful. Aside from which, GitHub displays a lot of useless stats about how many followers you have, and some completely psychologically manipulative stats about how often you commit and how many days it is since you had a day off.

So really, your GitHub profile displays two things: how 'influential’ you are, and how easily you can be coerced into constantly working. It’s honestly about as relevant to a decent hiring decision as your Klout score.
Programmers love talking about separation of concerns, right? Well when you use GitHub for hiring you’re taking a tool that people use as a collaboration space and backup service, and using it for an unintended purpose: judging whether people are any good or not. Knowing that that’s what it’s used for now can be significant factor in people not using it at all, even people with no intention of using it to advance their career. You want to to judge me by perusing my backups? How about I just give you my Dropbox password while we’re at it.
Now, I don’t actually know what people mean exactly by 'passion’, so I asked around, and the gist seems to be that it means you have an enthusiasm for your work that extends beyond your working hours. That you don’t switch off. That you can’t stop thinking about work because you’re just so gosh-darned pumped about it. In other words, that you will put in unpaid overtime on demand and without question, because your job is your primary source of emotional fulfilment. (Or, you’ve been emotionally blackmailed into this frame of mind by abusive and over-expectant bosses.)
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january 2017 by kme
GitHub Is Your Resume Now
The work you did a year or more ago couldn’t possibly still be relevant today. If it is, you aren’t working hard enough or learning fast enough. Get rid of anything you haven’t worked on in over a year.
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may 2014 by kme
30+ Best vCard WordPress Themes 2014 - aThemes
Several of these have "thermometers" depicting relative strengths of core skills.
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february 2014 by kme

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