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ssh agent - ssh-add under cygwin - Server Fault
I totally did this.

OK, that other answer has a typo.

The right thing you want to run is:
<code class="language-bash">eval `ssh-agent`</code>
ssh-agent spits out a bunch of shell statements to set environmental variables. The eval runs them in the current shell. You can invoke ssh-agent that way, or run ssh-agent and then copy-paste its output into your current shell for the same effect.
ssh  ssh-agent  cygwin  linux  unix  doh  solution 
october 2019 by kme
Cygwin no available download site - Stack Overflow
Solution for me ( Win7 VM on corporate network) was to go to and pick one of the mirrors from there.
cygwin  windows  corporatenetwork  mirrors  networksettings  annoyance  workaround  solution 
october 2019 by kme
linux - How to install `build-essential` in `Cygwin`? - Stack Overflow |
Build-essential is a collection of packages. So you'll have to select the packages manually, which I believe are the following:

- make
- automake
- gcc
- gcc-c++
windows  cygwin  devel  build  toolchain  gcc  cplusplus  maybesolution  likedebian 
june 2018 by kme
clone - git: fatal: I don't handle protocol '​​http' - Stack Overflow
This is EXACTLY what I did:
This happened to me using msys-git and trying to paste (with ctrl-v and ctrl-shift-v), before realizing they were not valid keyboard shortcuts. Redoing the command and pasting with right-click->paste seemed to work. – Darthfett Apr 5 '16 at 17:58
windows  copypaste  git  errormessage  solution  cygwin  nonprinting 
january 2018 by kme
ssl - How to add an enterprise certificate authority (CA) to git on cygwin (and some linux distros) - Stack Overflow
git-remote-https will read the following files for ca certificates:

If you edit these files, they will be overwritten each time the Cygwin setup is run and there is an update for the ca-certificates package.

The correct/proper solution is to add the certificate to the pick up directory and run the pickup script, update-ca-trust:
<code class="language-bash">curl -sL > /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/ \
&& update-ca-trust

The post install script for the ca-certificates package will automatically rerun the update-ca-trust script on every upgrade. For more information:
<code class="language-bash">man update-ca-trust</code>
cacert  certificate  openssl  curl  cygwin  sysadmin  solution 
january 2018 by kme
Eclipse Community Forums: C / C++ IDE (CDT) » cdt debug can't find source files
In my case, I had to map '/' -> 'c:\cygwin64'
My Projects ara all under J:\Projects, so my mapping needs to be present in Eclipse as:

/cygdrive/j j:/

Open Eclipse and then click

- Windows => Preferences... => C/C => Debug =>Common Source Lookup Path

- Add a new Path Mapping: click [Add] => Path Mapping => [OK]

- Select the new Mapping => [Edith] => change Name of Mapping "Project Source" => [Add]

- set "Compilation path" to the Source (Sample cygwin "/cygdrive/j" (without the quotes

- set"Local file system path" tho "J:\" (without the quotes

Now you are ready ti give it another try.... good luck
cygwin  windows  eclipse  cdt  build  toolchain  errormessage  solution 
august 2017 by kme
c++ - How to deal with Eclipse CDT+Cygwin? - Stack Overflow
Not super helpful. Some of the package names mentioned in one of the answers have already changed.
eclipse  cygwin  cdt  windows  toolchain  compiler  maybesolution 
august 2017 by kme
The dumper utility can be used to create a core dump of running Windows process. This core dump can be later loaded to gdb and analyzed. One common way to use dumper is to plug it into cygwin's Just-In-Time debugging facility by adding


to the CYGWIN environment variable. Please note that x:\path\to\dumper.exe is Windows-style and not cygwin path. If error_start is set this way, then dumper will be started whenever some program encounters a fatal error.
windows  devel  cygwin  gdb  debugging  solution 
august 2017 by kme
Cygwin package management - Server Fault

List all installed packages

cygcheck --check-setup --dump-only

without --dump-only the command will take few minutes to complete because it will TEST all packages. You should see an OK for each package if everything is fine ;)

List files belonging to a package

For package bash do:

cygcheck --list-package bash

it works for installed packages only

Tell which package a file belongs to:

For file /usr/bin/bash.exe

cygcheck --find-package /usr/bin/bash.exe

it works for installed packages only

Install a new package

Considering you already run setup GUI and have valid mirror(s), local package directory and other options set, you could run to install abook:

/path/to/setup-1.7.exe --quiet-mode --download --local-install --packages abook

it will also automatically update all your installed packages to the latest version available
you could also select the mirror and other options in command line, see /path/to/setup-1.7.exe --help
I know the new version of cygwin 1.7 (beta version, but pretty stable) which currently uses setup 2.649 supports these options, but I didn't tested on 1.6

Uninstall a package

As far as I know, only the GUI supports this option.

Get info about an installed package (deps, version, etc)
The version is listed together to each package on the listing (first item). Deps are really tricky to find: when setup runs, it creates on the local package directory one entry for each mirror. There you can find the list of all packages available on that mirror (setup.ini for version 1.6 and setup-2.ini for version 1.7) with the package name preceded by a @ and deps preceded by requires:. If, for any reason, the mirror you are using is outdated, setup displays a warning message when downloading info.
cygwin  packagemanagement  commandline  reference 
january 2017 by kme
Using Cygwin instead of msysGit
Wondered if msysGit used Cygwin. It doesn't. There's no cygwin1.dll. All the utilities (bash included) are just the regular GNU programs compiled for Windows to create a semi-complete mini-Unix environment
msysgit  cygwin  windows  question  answer  bash  shell 
june 2014 by kme
How to install and use Eclipse CDT for C/C++ programming
I think the actual problem was I hadn't actually installed the g++ or MinGW package under Cygwin yet.
windows  cygwin  eclipse  cplusplus  compiler  annoyance  newbie  devel  build  toolchain  reference 
february 2014 by kme
Tips - mintty - Tips on setting up mintty and related programs - Terminal window for Cygwin and MSYS - Google Project Hosting
This project has a really well-documented wiki, with just the kind of "tips and tricks" that prove the developers rely on this software themselves, and have explored lots of use cases.
exemplary  documentation  opensource  windows  projectstowatch  cygwin  wiki 
february 2014 by kme
Tips - mintty - Tips on setting up mintty and related programs - Terminal window for Cygwin and MSYS - Google Project Hosting
Starting in a particular directory

The working directory for a mintty session can be set in the Start In field of a shortcut, or by changing directory in an invoking script. Note, however, that Cygwin's /etc/profile script for login shells automatically changes to the user's home directory. The profile script can be told not to do this by setting a variable called CHERE_INVOKING, like this:

mintty /bin/env CHERE_INVOKING=1 /bin/bash -l

Here's what the HKCR\Directory\Background\Shell\cygwin64_bash\(Default) registry key looks like:
C:\CygWin\bin\mintty.exe -e /bin/xhere /bin/bash.exe "%V"

So you can use 'xhere' with EasyShell ( in Eclipse to accomplish the same thing. Here was the result (in EasyShell's config page in Eclipse prefs):
c:\cygwin\bin\mintty -t "{4}" -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -e /bin/xhere /bin/bash "{2}"
cygwin  mintty  bash  dotprofile  starting  folder  windows  solution  eclipse  plugin  terminalemulator 
february 2014 by kme
bash: clear: command not found - Ruben Laguna's blog
If your are getting “bash: clear: command not found” on you first install of cygwin you have to make sure that you include ncurses packages in your cygwin installation. clear.exe doesn’t come in the standard installation. You must include ncurses to get clear.exe in your system. If you are using bash you can use Ctrl-L and get the same result though.
bash  cygwin  windows  solution  bug 
february 2014 by kme

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