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eradman / treedelta — Bitbucket |
The td utility makes it easy to see what files were added or removed during the execution of a command. The child process is executed with a pipe that relays a list of files that were provided to td on STDIN. When the child process exits, each unique path is re-scanned and a delta is printed to STDERR.
automation  commandline  cli  differ  diff  filemanagement  utility  software 
october 2018 by kme
How to use vimdiff as the subversion diff tool – t+1 -

# Configure your favorite diff program here.

# Subversion provides the paths we need as the sixth and seventh
# parameters.

# Call the diff command (change the following line to make sense for
# you
svn  vim  vimdiff  differ  likegit  solution  devel  scm  versioncontrol 
february 2016 by kme
python - percentage difference between two text files - Stack Overflow
from difflib import SequenceMatcher
text1 = open(file1).read()
text2 = open(file2).read()
m = SequenceMatcher(None, text1, text2)
python  differ  programming  maybesolution  diff 
december 2014 by kme

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