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MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011 Trackpad Replacement - iFixit []
A solution to those suffering from phantom clicks, but otherwise have a working trackpad - there is a solution.
In Step 11 (2nd photo) you can see the little metal cap at the bottom of the trackpad, covered with clear tape. When depressed, this cap should trigger the 'click', but I think with excessive use, I suspect the cap may flatten and make contact with the terminals underneath before you get the 'click' feeling.
I peeled this tape off (with the metal cap) and punched the underside of the metal cap with a screwdriver. This meant that the cap needed a little more force and movement before it made contact with the terminals underneath, and the phantom clicks were no more.
I was probably a bit heavy-handed when I did it, so my trackpad button is quite a bit firmer than before but still quite usable. Be gentle.
Hope this helps someone else - before they spend big on a new trackpad.
macbook  macbookair  trackpad  repair  diy  howto 
june 2017 by kme
Asus MeMO Pad Smart 10' Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Guide - YouTube
These instructions were great. Just be aware that the heat gun *can* melt the flix cable for the digitizer, and definitely don't wedge a sharp tool between the LCD and the digitizer in order to pry them apart. Use something wide and flat, like a razor blade.

There is a black tape all the way around the LCD, but not much of a metal frame to protect it, so be careful how you cut and scrape to remove it. It might be best to use the strategy in this iFixit article ( and use a box knife to cut all the adhesive away.
solution  display  repair  asus  memopad  me302  crackedscreen  diy  video 
march 2016 by kme
The Pleasure of Do-It-Yourself Slow Computing | The New Republic
There is a habit in tech culture of saying that the latest app is “democratizing” whatever it happens to do. This is lovely, but best not to confuse it with actual democracy. Democracy is about participation with control, freedom with accountability, privacy with transparency. Tech companies tend to pick and choose from that list rather inventively. We’re expected to participate in their networks without having control over how they work. We’re transparent about every detail of our lives with them, while they’re private about what they do with it.
diy  computing  essay  emacs  retro  slowcomputing 
may 2015 by kme
ESD & Thee
More on snake oil. Wearing latex gloves or finger cots will not aid or abed the prevention of ESD. Think about it. By the time you place latex or other magic gloves on the gloves are at the same potential as your body. They will not generate an additional charge nor will they aid in dissipating a charge. Latex gloves and finger cots serve a very important purpose both in a surgical operating room and in a super clean room where electronic assembly takes place. Our hands, even when washed thoroughly, contain oils and micro contamination. Latex serves as a barrier for contamination but not a very effective barrier for ESD. Which at this point are negligible. I have worn my share of latex as well as other conductive gloves, I have worn my share of special conductive booties with cute tails one tucks into their shoes. I have also treated my hands with special conductive lotions as well as walked miles of floor space covered with ESD wax. I have calibrated countless ESD workstation mats and devices to test wrist straps before personnel touch ESDS devices. This was all done in very, very specialized manufacturing areas. This was not your kitchen table or computer room. I have in turn built many computers on my kitchen table and in my computer room without a mishap related to ESD. My success in this area is not attributable to super special precautions, snake oils or magic but rather applying good workmanship habits. Think about ESD, think about how to avoid ESD and you will do just fine.
esd  reference  diy  electronics 
may 2015 by kme
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