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Emily Post Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
Former debutante Emily Price Post (born October 27, 1872) turned to writing after her 1906 divorce. At the request of her publisher she wrote Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home in 1922. Later retitled Etiquette––the Blue Book of Social Usage, it went through 10 editions and 90 printings before Post's death in 1960, making her the nation's expert on good manners.
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june 2019 by kme
RFC 1855 Netiquette Guidelines - October 1995
This bibliography was used to gather most of the information in the
sections above as well as for general reference. Items not
specifically found in these works were gathered from the IETF-RUN
Working Group's experience.

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<URL: or

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<URL: gopher://

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What Reply-All E-mail Would Feel Like in Real Life | Shorts & Murmurs | The New Yorker - YouTube
What Reply-All E-mail Would Feel Like in Real Life | Shorts & Murmurs | The New Yorker
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september 2016 by kme
Interview with a Wadhwa | The Verge
The equivalent this time were those DMs to Ellis. In the initial TLDR episode, Haggerty said DMs were "the hand on the knee of social media communication." In the follow-up episode, she stood by the phrase. Probably because it's 2015! Women are starting to build a vocabulary to talk about the gray-area interactions they face online. Managing the expectations of a "mentions pest," for example, is incredibly energy-zapping, but I never had a word for it until Lily Benson's etiquette guide list this month. Wadhwa blames the "hand on knee" comment for allegations of sexual harassment and being called a sexual predator, but Wadhwa is the one who keeps bringing it up.
feminism  tech  womenintech  twitter  socialmedia  etiquette 
february 2015 by kme
How To Talk To Girls On Twitter Without Coming Off Like A Creepy Rando
I'm going to start telling men to smile, cause they're more handsome when they do. And just wait for their reactions. (To clarify, I'm a robot that is powered by gay panic.)
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february 2015 by kme
Illustrated Etiquette Guide Explains How to Ride the Paris Metro in a Civilized Way | Open Culture
C’est les jours de grosse chaleur, tel le manchot empereur, bien garder les bras le long du corps et prendre sa meilleure prise en bas du poteau, pas tout en haut
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