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RSSPreview – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
This is the good one; it has a preview of the feed that doesn't require clicking on anything.
firefox  addon  extension  webextension  quantum  rss  feedreader 
5 weeks ago by kme
Can't install addon because it seems to be corrupt | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support
In my case, I had a JavaScript syntax error (missing parenthesis) that prevented me from using 'about:debugging' to load the extension temporarily.
webdevel  firefox  webextension  extension  debugging  sortof  solution 
september 2019 by kme
Your first extension - Mozilla | MDN
On macOS 10.14 (Mojave), I had to
<code class="language-bash">
sudo port install nodejs10
sudo port install python27
sudo port select --set python2 python27

# install NPM modules into $HOME
npm config set prefix $HOME/.local/lib/node_modules
echo "export PATH=$HOME/.local/lib/node_modules/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bash_profile

# this needed 'python2' in the PATH (for node-gyp, whatever that is)
npm install -g web-ext

# then build the extension
web-ext build

Also, try to use the linter on the built '.zip' file:

<code class="language-bash">addons-linter web-ext-artifacts/*.zip</code>

Otherwise you might get a "Can't install addon because it seems to be corrupt" error, which probably means that you just have a syntax error in your JavaScript, or else the manifest.json is missing a 'content_scripts' 'matches' key (ref:
webdevel  firefox  extension  webextension  macos  errormessage  solution 
september 2019 by kme
Support Thunderbird 68 · Issue #577 · adam-p/markdown-here
<code class="language-diff">diff --git a/src/manifest.json b/src/manifest.json
index f3c5af4..4d1fae5 100644
--- a/src/manifest.json
+++ b/src/manifest.json
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
"128": "common/images/icon128.png",
"512": "common/images/icon512.png"
- "permissions": ["contextMenus", "storage"],
+ "permissions": ["menus", "storage"],
"background": {"page": "chrome/background.html"},
"content_scripts": [
@@ -46,7 +46,15 @@

,"applications": {
"gecko": {
- "id": "markdown-here-webext@adam.pritchard"
+ "id": "markdown-here-webext@adam.pritchard",
+ "strict_min_version": "68.0"
+ }
+ }
+ ,"legacy": {
+ "type": "xul",
+ "options": {
+ "page": "common/options.html",
+ "open_in_tab": true
thunderbird  markdown  addon  extension 
september 2019 by kme
Writing Vim Plugins / Steve Losh
Except when it isn't, and then you need to 'call pathogen#helptags()'. Dunno why.
Creating a help document is as easy as creating a doc/yourplugin.txt file in your project. It will be indexed automatically by pathogen#helptags() so your users will have the docs at their fingertips.
vim  plugin  extension  howto 
june 2019 by kme
Notes by Firefox – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
A notepad for Firefox. Contribute to mozilla/notes development by creating an account on GitHub.
notetaking  notes  productivity  firefox  extension  addon  sidebar  alternativeto  nvalt  simplenote 
may 2019 by kme
GitHub - jupyterhub/nbgitpuller: Jupyter ServerExtension to sync a git repository one-way to a local path
Jupyter ServerExtension to sync a git repository one-way to a local path - jupyterhub/nbgitpuller
jupyter  distribution  nbextension  extension  sync  teaching  workshop 
may 2019 by kme
jlebon/textern: A Firefox add-on for editing text in your favourite external editor! |
As of 2019-12-02, I had to modify the 'Makefile' because it flat-out refused to run as a normal user; remove that conditional with '$USER' and just have it say:

<code class="language-Makefile">
PREFIX ?= $(HOME)/.local
MOZILLA_NATIVE ?= $(HOME)/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts

firefox  addon  extension  python  needshelp  alternativeto  itsalltext 
november 2018 by kme
Extension:PlaceNewSection - MediaWiki |
You need to add __ADDNEWSECTIONBELOW__ and __NEWSECTIONLINK__ to your article (if it's outside the "Talk" namespace) in order to get this working. But it works!

Other useful references:

* - (Make it possible to) always ignore NEWSECTIONLINK in mainspace at the English Wikipedia
mediawiki  editing  extension  movein  essential  fuckina  solution 
may 2018 by kme
GitHub - abrookins/WrapToColumn: an Intellij/PyCharm/RubyMine etc. plugin that wraps selected text to the column width setting |
This plugin wraps text to a maximum line width, as defined in the section "Setting the maximum line width." It is intended as a replacement for the gq command in Vim and fill-paragraph in Emacs.
vikeybindings  intellij  pycharm  extension  plugin  keybinding  workaround  solution 
march 2018 by kme
Extension:LinkTarget - MediaWiki |
Allows specifying external link targets with a specific class on the parent div.
mediawiki  linktarget  link  html  extension  essential  movein 
march 2018 by kme
Extension:Link Attributes - MediaWiki |
Doesn't support the title attribute, though, which is the only one I cared about. :(

See, however, for a workaround.
mediawiki  extension  links  interesting 
march 2018 by kme
Bookmark Toolbar Menu Button – Add-ons for Firefox
Show the contents of the Bookmarks Toolbar in a drop down menu. This compresses the bookmark menu into one button that you can put on any toolbar you want to.

Popups (like bookmarklets) get blocked, though, and there's no way to confirm the popup warning banner, because the page gets reloaded immediately, at least for the Pinboard bookmarklet.
bookmarks  firefox  extension  addon  bookmarksbar  annoyance 
february 2018 by kme
Bookmark Toolbar Shortcuts – Add-ons for Firefox
Use Alt+1, Alt+2, ... , Alt+9 for bookmarks in the toolbar

Doesn't seem to work in OS X, though.
firefox  bookmarksbar  extension  addon  maybesolution 
february 2018 by kme
api token gets lost when deleting browser history · Issue #1 · lostsnow/pinboard-firefox · GitHub
I had to uncheck "Clear history when Nightly closes" and just select (in the cookies section) "Keep until: I close Nightly" instead. This keeps the cookies that you've made exceptions for.

Also, there's this bug ( that will automatically clear all local storage for WebExtensions--due to an overzealous DELETE FROM, I guess--if you check "Offline Website Data" under "Clear history when Nightly closes."

NB: It looks like the "Clear history when Nightly closes" deletes ALL cookies, even if you made exceptions for them under the settings for cookies. Kind of confusing.
pinboard  firefox  extension  localstorage  annoyance  workaround  solution 
december 2017 by kme
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