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Help:Images - MediaWiki
The text flow can be stopped by placing <br clear=all> (or if you prefer, <div style="clear: both"></div>) before the text that should start below the floating image. (This may also be done without an empty line by wrapping the section with the floating images with <div style="overflow: hidden">…</div>, which clears all floats inside the div element.)

By default an image links to its file description page. The "link=" option modifies this behavior to link to another page or website, or to turn off the image's linking behavior.

Alternatively, you can create a text link to a file description page or to the file itself. See Help:Linking to files.

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march 2017 by kme
CSS Clearfix Demystified • Themergency []
.clearfix:after {
content: ".";
display: block;
height: 0;
clear: both;
visibility: hidden;
clearfix  floats  css  layout  webdesign  dammitbrain 
july 2014 by kme
css - Why does setting overflow alter layout of child elements? - Stack Overflow
Still haven't had the epiphany on this one.
Overflow of anything but visible creates a new block formatting context which causes floats to be contained. It's standard behaviour.

So this:

div {
border:1px solid blue;
p#one {
border:1px solid red;
p#two {
border:1px solid green;
<div id="outer">
<p id="one">This is one</p>
<p id="two">This is two</p>
webdesign  css  boxmodel  floats  dammitbrain  solution 
june 2014 by kme

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