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Rhiannon Giddens Forms 'Our Native Daughters' to Reclaim the Soul of Country Music
The gaze of the camera, however, does not rest on her, the victim’s face. It rests on her husband, the man who was “wronged” as an impetus for him to rebel against his white oppressors—and as I sat in the little theater in New York City, I found myself furious. Furious at the moment in a long history of moments of the pain and suffering of black women being used to justify a man’s actions; at her own emotion and reaction being literally written out of the frame. The idea of taking historical words and notions and observations about slavery and making art with them then came to me.

There is surely racism in this country—it’s baked into our oldest institutions—just as there is sexism, millennia old. At the intersection of the two stands the African-American woman. Used, abused, ignored, and scorned, she has in the face of these things been unbelievably brave, groundbreaking, and insistent. Black women have historically had the most to lose, and have therefore been the fiercest fighters for justice—in large, public ways that are only beginning to be highlighted, and in countless domestic ways that will most likely never be acknowledged.
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february 2019 by kme
Heilung | LIFA - Full Show - YouTube
Heilung means healing, and it's the final message of this show. When you look through the set and the translations behind the lyrics, it's about a peaceful society being driven to war because their enemy only speaks the language of the sword. But during the conflict, their shaman/soothsayer guy reads the bones and discovers the only rune that has significance in the future is 'Ear' ... the 'Grave' or 'Death Incarnate'. Then, the final song's lyrics are taken from the Merseberg Incantations where Wodan heals a horse's broken leg with a chant of healing. So the entire show is about healing the world of man from the scars of war, lest we be overtaken by the grave.

When the music is so metal it doesn't even need guitar or bass.

My subwoofer and neighbors thank you for uploading this :)

Did I... did I just make a pact with... .. .something?

I just grew a nordic beard. And I’m asian!
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september 2018 by kme

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