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Richard Stallman’s GNU Manifesto Turns Thirty - The New Yorker
He paused for a moment, then added, “The point is, even though it’s sad to see people being foolish, there’s no use giving up. Nothing good can come of giving up. That just means you lose completely, right away.”
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march 2015 by kme
Why Software Should Be Free - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
"The associated psychosocial harm affects the spirit of scientific cooperation, which used to be so strong that scientists would cooperate even when their countries were at war. In this spirit, Japanese oceanographers abandoning their lab on an island in the Pacific carefully preserved their work for the invading U.S. Marines, and left a note asking them to take good care of it."
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january 2013 by kme
Lifehacker Code: Texter (Windows) []
You can also insert the clipboard contents into your replacement text by using the %c operator. The other special bit of text is , which lets you designate a place you'd like the cursor to return to after the text is replaced. I use this all the time with HTML tags I've scripted with Texter.

The whole process happen may happen a little too quickly in the video for you to see what's happening, but I've scripted an action into Texter that sends the keystrokes necessary to copy the name of the email's sender, then paste the name into my personalized email reply. The text of that replacement is:

+{Tab}^{Home}^+{Right}^c{Tab}{BS}Thanks for the email, ^v{BS}.

There's a lot going on there, but it's actually much more simple than it may seem at first glance. Modifier keys like Alt, Control, and Shift are represented by special characters. They are:
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august 2011 by kme

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