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Recursive FTP directory listing in shell/bash with a single session (using cURL or ftp) - Stack Overflow |
Note: ncftp doesn't support FTP-over-HTTP, as noted in ~/.ncftp/firewall, created the first time you run the program:
NOTE: NcFTP does NOT support HTTP proxies that do FTP, such as "squid"
or Netscape Proxy Server. Why? Because you have to communicate with
them using HTTP, and this is a FTP only program.
However, this *would* work otherwise
<code class="language-bash">
ncftpls -R
ftp  ncftp  scripting  automation  solution  sortof 
april 2019 by kme
FileZilla - The free FTP solution
If PuTTY's Pageant is running, but the server does *not* accept the public key, then FileZilla will refuse to remember the session password if the option for the profile is set to "interactive." This is annoying, but easily worked around, by either adding the key from the local Pageant session to the remote authorized_keys, or else (presumably) selecting a different option besides "Interactive" for that profile, so FZ will cache the password in memory like it's supposed to.

DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!! If you type a password in the "Quickconnect" part of the toolbar, even *if* you specify port 22, even *if* Pageant is actually what gets used to perform the authentication, the password gets saved to recentservers.xml.

Still, in 2014. A bit ridiculous.
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august 2011 by kme

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