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gdb - Missing separate debuginfos - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
You still have to enable some repo. Good luck finding out how to do that.
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august 2017 by kme
The dumper utility can be used to create a core dump of running Windows process. This core dump can be later loaded to gdb and analyzed. One common way to use dumper is to plug it into cygwin's Just-In-Time debugging facility by adding


to the CYGWIN environment variable. Please note that x:\path\to\dumper.exe is Windows-style and not cygwin path. If error_start is set this way, then dumper will be started whenever some program encounters a fatal error.
windows  devel  cygwin  gdb  debugging  solution 
august 2017 by kme
debugging - How can I make gdb save the command history? - Stack Overflow
Create a file $HOME/.gdbinit with the following content:

set history save

By default, gdb saves the history into the file ./.gdb_history in the current directory. If you want your command history not to depend on the directory you are in, also include:

set history filename ~/.gdb_history
gdb  debugging  configfile  solution  programming 
july 2014 by kme
Bug 330060 – Can't easily issue GDB commands in Mac

I don't think it's worth looking into this and adding more complexity to the code now that Apple's GDB is pretty much gone.
eclipse  bug  cdt  gdb  debugging  commandline  wishlist  needshelp  mac  osx  annoyance 
april 2014 by kme
Bug 303808 – Debug console lacks many important features
On OS X, I can enter commands into the gdb console, but to *see* them, I have to switch to "gdb traces." Platform-specific bug?
eclipse  bug  cdt  gdb  debugging  commandline  wishlist  needshelp 
april 2014 by kme
c++ - debugging templates with GDB - Stack Overflow
The answer in my case was not inlined functions but a CxxTest method named the same as a class method.

'info functions <regex>' is useful for setting gdb breakpoints on functions, as you sometimes need to do when there's no actual .cpp/.o file to debug to a line number (as with templated classes).
sortofsolution  gdb  debugging  cplusplus  tipsandtricks  templatedclass 
april 2014 by kme
c++ - Eclipse CDT Kepler does not allow "Display as array..." - Stack Overflow

Dive a bit deeper into the structure of the std::vector variable, and look for named _M_start or alike (may be implementation dependent).
Cast this one to the final type array you know and want to see.

The reason is, that std::vector<T> just wraps and manages an array of T internally and thus can't be displayed as an array itself.
gdb  eclipse  debugging  prettyprinting  stl  vectors  solution 
february 2014 by kme
Code for Concinnity: » Useful tips

“Pretty-printing” STL vector in Eclipse CDT

It’s surprising to see why the C++ debugging scene in Mac/Linux is so behind Visual Studio. One definite strengths of MSVS is the ability to display STL vectors as arrays in the debug view.

If you’re using Eclipse CDT on Mac, you’re probably stuck with GDB 6.8 which doesn’t come with pretty printing. I tried self building GDB 7.2 but Eclipse CDT 8.0 doesn’t seem to be able to interact well with it (please someone come and correct me if I’m wrong).

So here’s how to display std::vector nicely even if you’re using GDB 6.8:
gdb  debugging  eclipse  stl  vectors  maybesolution  prettyprinting 
february 2014 by kme

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