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Genomics Code: How to correct negative coordinates from peaks bed file |
Use cat and pipe it to awk:
<code class="language-bash">cat peaks.bed | awk '{OFS="\t"}{if($2<0){$2=0};print}' > corrected_peaks.bed

Or remove them:
<code class="language-bash">cat peaks.bed | awk ‘($2>0)’ | filtered_peaks.bed</code>
bedfiles  bed  genomics  awk  tipsandtricks 
february 2019 by kme
Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH)
The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) is a policy-framing and technical standards-setting organization, seeking to enable responsible genomic data sharing within a human rights framework
genomics  worldhealth  health  nonprofit  omics 
october 2018 by kme
Surprise! With $60 Million Genentech Deal, 23andMe Has A Business Plan
People who have bought 23andMe kits and agreed to donate their data to research (that’s about 600,000 of the company’s 800,000 customers) automatically consent for 23andMe to sequence their genomes. 23andMe says that it is also able to share anonymous and pooled data about their self-reported health traits without asking. But Genentech wants even more: it wants to look at health and genetic data on an anonymous but individual basis. For that reason, the company will have to ask customers if they want to enter the study.
genomics  bioinformatics  bigdata  23andme 
january 2015 by kme

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