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Reliable Linux backups: How to backup Linux, BSD and other Unix-like systems properly
Linux, and all Unix machines, use hard links extensively, so make 100% sure you maintain link integrity. Rsync for instance, needs the special flag --hard-links, even when you've also specified --archive (as the man page says, --archive still lacks --hard-links, --acls and --xattrs).

If shutting down such software before the backup is not an option, schedule jobs which periodicly dump the data of the database (using pg_dump for Postgresql, slapcat for OpenLDAP, "svnadmin dump" or svn-backup-dumps for Subversion, etc) into (date stamped) files. These files are then backed up and you should be safe. Use the software's native dump utility whenever possible, as pg_dump and slapcat are for Postgresql and OpenLDAP respectively.
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april 2016 by kme
shell - Check if a program exists from a Bash script - Stack Overflow -
Ran into a weird problem on 2015-11-11 where 'which' wasn't finding something that was *definitely* in the PATH that it (!) reported.
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november 2015 by kme

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