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107583 – Linux: REGRESSION: drm: cmdline EDID override mechanisms broken since 4.15
There was a patch committed in the 5.2.x series at 48eaeb7664c76139438724d520a1ea4a84a3ed92. Did it land in 5.3, 5.4, ...?
linux  kernel  drm  kms  edid  sony  vaio  bootoption  graphics  annoyance  needshelp 
6 weeks ago by kme
nothings/stb: stb single-file public domain libraries for C/C++
I still use MSVC 6 (1998) as my IDE because it has better human factors for me than later versions of MSVC.
c  cplusplus  headers  imageprocessing  graphics  publicdomain  mit  library 
11 weeks ago by kme
Wonky display on this one Win10 startup screen in VirtualBox - Linux Mint Forums |
I asked a question a few days ago about a video snow display when booting LM19 Live DVD in Virtual Box. Turns out that you need to use R-CTRL / F2 followed by R-CTRL / F7 [Host-F2, Host-F7] to go in and out of a terminal to clear the snow. Have you tried this to fix your Wonk? Maybe the Linux Graphics Drive is not really up to snuff with the Virtual Machine Host graphics. After installing the LM 19 system in the VM I have not seen snow again. Or any Wonk. Or at least now your kind of Wonk.
linuxmint  virtualization  virtualbox  graphics  linux  annoyance  solution 
february 2019 by kme
Greeble - Wikipedia |
The earliest recorded use of the term "greeble" found to date was by those working on the special effects for Star Wars – the group who would later become Industrial Light and Magic. They also described this design method as "guts on the outside".
design  sfx  graphics  cgi  3d  terminology  lingo 
november 2018 by kme
xrandr - ArchWiki
When I had problems with Bejeweled running in Wine, I put the necessary 'xrandr' commands in /etc/X11/Xsession.d.
x11  graphics  resolution  xrandr  reference 
may 2017 by kme
F16 Disable EDID
Add a file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/


Section "Device"
Identifier "Intel Integrated"
Driver "intel"
Option "IgnoreEDID" "true"
And restart X11
sony  vaio  vgcjs110j  x11  graphics  troubleshooting  maybesolution 
may 2017 by kme
Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) is great, but may not work as expected
The real solution is, thus, to optionally disable probing of the monitor and to directly feed appropriate monitor data into the kernel. For this purpose, the kernel configuration item CONFIG_DRM_LOAD_EDID_FIRMWARE was introduced. If enabled, the drm_kms_helper module will accept the parameter edid_firmware=, search for the given file in the /lib/firmware directory and use its data, if valid, to initialize the monitor timings of the graphics adapter as if it had been received from the monitor. Four standard timings are hard-coded in the driver and available immediately:



1024x768/60 Hz


1280x1024/60 Hz


1680x1050/60 Hz


1920x1080/60 Hz


To force, for example, a screen resolution of 1280x1024/60 Hz, simply remove nomodeset from, add drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1280x1024.bin to the kernel command, and enjoy a much faster screen and all the eye candy you missed so long.
linux  edid  kernel  graphics  driver  troubleshooting  maybesolution  vaio  vgcjs110j 
may 2017 by kme
user interface - How to draw vertical line on axes in Matlab GUI? - Stack Overflow
My solution was:
axdim = axis;
line([30,30], axdim(3:4), 'linewidth', 2.5, 'color', 'm');
matlab  plotting  graphics  solution 
february 2017 by kme
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