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bletchley punk (@alicegoldfuss) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from bletchley punk (@alicegoldfuss). MOV $0x6d656d6573, 0x7477656574. infra @github. opinions/selfies my own. she/her. 🗝🧙‍♀️✨🍵 ctf stream /usr/local/sin
infosec  hacking 
may 2019 by kme
Spooked by a speaking security camera? Polite hacker tells owner how to fix his IoT security – HOTforSecurity |
The “white hat” hacker, who claimed to be part of a group calling itself the “Anonymous Calgary Mindhive”, said it hadn’t been hard for him to hijack control of Gregg’s Nest security camera.

But, claimed the unnamed hacker’s disembodied voice, his intention wasn’t to spy, steal, or instil fear:

“We don’t have any malicious intent, but I’m just here to kind of let you know so that no one else, like any black-hat hackers, follow. There are so many malicious things somebody could do with this.”

Gregg had made the mistake of using the same password to “secure” his IoT camera as he had used in online accounts. Like so many others, Gregg hadn’t recognised the danger of reusing login credentials and when a breach occurred at an online site, his login and password were leaked into the public domain.
whitehat  hacking  iot  homeautomation  acautionarytale 
december 2018 by kme
'Kill your foster parents': Amazon's Alexa talks murder, sex in AI experiment | Reuters |
The project has been important to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who signed off on using the company’s customers as guinea pigs, one of the people said. Amazon has been willing to accept the risk of public blunders to stress-test the technology in real life and move Alexa faster up the learning curve, the person said.

During last year’s contest, a team from Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University found that its Alexa bot developed a nasty personality when they trained her to chat using comments from Reddit, whose members are known for their trolling and abuse.

The team put guardrails in place so the bot would steer clear of risky subjects. But that did not stop Alexa from reciting the Wikipedia entry for masturbation to a customer, Heriot-Watt’s team leader said.

One bot described sexual intercourse using words such as “deeper,” which on its own is not offensive, but was vulgar in this particular context.

“I don’t know how you can catch that through machine-learning models. That’s almost impossible,” said a person familiar with the incident.

Amazon has responded with tools the teams can use to filter profanity and sensitive topics, which can spot even subtle offenses. The company also scans transcripts of conversations and shuts down transgressive bots until they are fixed.
ai  news  amazon  chatbot  privacy  hacking  snafu 
december 2018 by kme
Russian researchers expose breakthrough in U.S. spying program | Reuters
The exposure of these new spying tools could lead to greater backlash against Western technology, particularly in countries such as China, which is already drafting regulations that would require most bank technology suppliers to proffer copies of their software code for inspection.

Peter Swire, one of five members of U.S. President Barack Obama's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology, said the Kaspersky report showed that it is essential for the country to consider the possible impact on trade and diplomatic relations before deciding to use its knowledge of software flaws for intelligence gathering.
nsa  hacking  firmware  surveillance 
may 2017 by kme
LG tv codes and HOTEL MODE it really works NOT FAKE
The actual solution to the problem I was having was to nudge the plastic rollers that activate the loading mechanism with a plastic spudger.
lg  tv  servicecodes  troubleshooting  hacking  32lg40  solution 
december 2016 by kme
CIA: Russian Hackers Aimed To Help Trump Win
"Donald Trump was clearly the candidate in the Presidential race least problematic for Mr. Putin's aggressive foreign policy agenda," says John Herbst, director of the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center. "While it would be a stretch to say that Russian hacking gave Mr. Trump the election, it seems clear that it was designed to undermine Ms. Clinton and to enhance his chance of winning."
hacking  russia  elections2016 
december 2016 by kme
Trump, Mocking Claim That Russia Hacked Election, at Odds with G.O.P. - The New York Times
At this point in a transition, a president-elect is usually delving into intelligence he has never before seen, and learning about C.I.A. and National Security Agency abilities. But Mr. Trump, who has taken intelligence briefings only sporadically, is questioning not only analytic conclusions, but also their underlying facts.

“To have the president-elect of the United States simply reject the fact-based narrative that the intelligence community puts together because it conflicts with his a priori assumptions — wow,” said Michael V. Hayden, who was the director of the N.S.A. and later the C.I.A. under President George W. Bush.
presidenttrump  elections2016  hacking 
december 2016 by kme
Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says - The New York Times
It is unclear how many files were stolen from the Republican committee; in some cases, investigators never get a clear picture. It is also far from clear that Russia’s original intent was to support Mr. Trump, and many intelligence officials — and former officials in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign — believe that the primary motive of the Russians was to simply disrupt the campaign and undercut confidence in the integrity of the vote.

Among those whose emails were posted was Peter W. Smith, who runs a venture capital firm in Chicago and has long been active in “opposition research” for the Republican Party. He said he was unaware that his emails had been hacked until he was called by a reporter on Thursday.

He said he believes that his material came from a hack of the Illinois Republican Party.

“I’m not upset at all,” he said. “I try in my communications, quite frankly, not to say anything that would be embarrassing if made public.”
elections2016  hacking 
december 2016 by kme
ShmooCon 2009: Chris Paget’s RFID cloning talk | Hackaday -
The goal of [Chris]’ research from the beginning was to show that RFID is unsuitable for security situations like this. Passport Cards assign a unique identifier to each holder. This ID can be read from a distance and coordinated with the holders other RFID items like their credit card. Any party can track someone holding these cards, and they don’t make border crossings any faster, since the cards still have to be checked in person.

The USA is now tracking its residents with the same respect given to items in Walmart.
rfid  hacking 
november 2015 by kme
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