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The Counter to Trump’s Xenophobic Racism Is Not Exceptionalist Immigrant Narratives |
Countries like mine—which went from being one of the largest producers of vanilla and ylang-ylang in the world to having the French government steal an island from us and hire mercenaries to orchestrate coup after coup to destabilize us—are constantly being maligned for struggling to crawl out of the hole that our former Western overlords placed us in, which is akin to having someone cut off your leg and then complain that you are walking too slow.

In general, when it comes to rebutting the never-ending stream of incoherence that Trump insists on hammering us with in 2018, we need to stop accepting his parameters for debate. Stop letting Trump determine the rules of engagement. Proving to Trump that we can be perfect Americans—migrants who assimilate and accept the incumbent institutions of white supremacy without question—is degrading bullshit that we need to leave in 2017.
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january 2018 by kme
The Virtual Field: Remote Crisis Mapping of the Haitian Earthquake

The Ushahidi Haiti Project (UHP) is a crisis mapping organization operating out of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy that uses a platform created by the Kenya-based NGO Ushahidi. UHP maps citizen-generated information in a timely, accurate, and accessible manner to inform both the humanitarian response and post-disaster reconstruction efforts in Haiti. UHP is working to transfer the Ushahidi Haiti Platform to Haitian hands by summer 2010.
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