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(Saving...) Top 7 Places to Go Hiking in Cincinnati
* Mt. Airy Forest Ridge Loop Trail - 5083 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45223
* Withrow Nature Preserve Trail - 7075 Five Mile Road Cincinnati, OH 45230
* French Park - 3012 Section Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45237
* Rowe Woods Perimeter Trail at Cincinnati Nature Center - 4949 Tealtown Rd. Milford, OH 45150
* Adena Loop Trail within East Fork State Park - 3294 Elklick Rd. Bethel, OH 45106
* Little Turtle Trail at Shawnee Lookout - 2008 Lawrenceburg Rd. North Bend, OH 45052
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november 2019 by kme
Going It Alone | Outside Online
“For me, the fear is like a heartbeat, always present, while at the same time, intangible, elusive, and difficult to define,” Evelyn C. White wrote in her 1999 essay “Black Women and the Wilderness.” In it she explains why the thought of hiking in Oregon, which some writer friends invited her to do, fills her with dread. In wilderness, White does not see freedom but a portal to the past. It is a trigger. The history of suffering is too much for her to overcome. This fear has conjured a similar paralysis nationwide. It says to the minority: Be in this place and someone might seize the opportunity to end you. ­Nature itself is the least of White’s concerns. Bear paws have harmed fewer black bodies in the wild than human hands. She does not wish to be the only one who looks like her in a place with history like this.
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april 2017 by kme

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