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Create Your Own Shortcodes | Hugo
Note: you can only use these in your content, *not* inside templates.
webdevel  hugo  shortcodes 
9 weeks ago by kme
URL Management | Hugo
It's better to use ':filename' for a permalink, since you could easily update the title in the YAML front matter and break existing URLs that you'd already shared with people (or had indexed by search engines).

<code class="language-toml">
post = "/:year/:month/:filename/"

If you've already set up your blog and had it running for a while, good luck creating redirects for all the pages whose titles have changed.
hugo  blog  permalink  config  essential  configfile  bestpractice 
9 weeks ago by kme
template - The Go Programming Language
A variable's scope extends to the "end" action of the control structure ("if", "with", or "range") in which it is declared, or to the end of the template if there is no such control structure. A template invocation does not inherit variables from the point of its invocation.
hugo  go  templates  documentation  webdevel  variables  scope 
10 weeks ago by kme

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