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Manual:Image administration - MediaWiki |
Animated GIFs don't scale with the built in PHP routines. And yet the cached (broken) thumbnails aren't refreshed without expiring the cache.

This combination of stuff was required after I discovered that I had to enable ImageMagick in order to get thumbnails of GIFs. Sometimes you need to purge the old version of a page, or change the thumbnail size in order to get the other sizes to be regenerated, but this does work. Also, if the GIF is large to begin with, you'll get a warning that the thumbnails won't be animated (this happened for me for a 1360x816 px image).

<code class="language-php"># source:
# this should enable scaling of GIF images; built-in PHP routines won't
$wgUseImageMagick = true;
$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = '/usr/bin/convert';

# if rendered thumbnails are older than this timestamp, they are regenerated
# copy-pasted from$wgCacheEpoch
$wgThumbnailEpoch = 20190314215957;
$wgCacheEpoch = 20190314215957;

# temporarily remove shell time and memory limits (if necessary)
# source:$wgMaxShellMemory
#$wgMaxShellTime = 0;
#$wgMaxShellMemory = 0;
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march 2019 by kme
Help:Images - MediaWiki
The text flow can be stopped by placing <br clear=all> (or if you prefer, <div style="clear: both"></div>) before the text that should start below the floating image. (This may also be done without an empty line by wrapping the section with the floating images with <div style="overflow: hidden">…</div>, which clears all floats inside the div element.)

By default an image links to its file description page. The "link=" option modifies this behavior to link to another page or website, or to turn off the image's linking behavior.

Alternatively, you can create a text link to a file description page or to the file itself. See Help:Linking to files.

Clicking on the below image will take you to MediaWiki:

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march 2017 by kme
timestamp - How to prove a picture was taken before a certain date? - Information Security Stack Exchange

You can use the Bitcoin blockchain for that.

Create a file with both your original file (in case of text it can be inline, otherwise use a container like a ZIP archive) as well as a message stating who you are and that you have a copy of the file. Take the SHA1 of the resulting file/container and use it as a Bitcoin address to send some coins to. This will permanently store the hash in the blockchain with a timestamp precise up to a few hours.

This is anonymous and doesn't reveal anything about the file, but when the time comes you can just reveal the hashed file as well as the hash and anyone can verify the timestamp independently.
proof  images  timestamping  bitcoin 
december 2016 by kme
javascript - Preloading images with jQuery - Stack Overflow []
function preload(arrayOfImages) {
$('<img/>')[0].src = this;
// Alternatively you could use:
// (new Image()).src = this;

// Usage:

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april 2015 by kme
data: URI Generator
Was trying to embed a Google font CSS in an SVG image and I think this worked.
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july 2014 by kme

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