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The Recurse Center User's Manual - Recurse Center
Recursers are sometimes lonely. They may have moved away from their friends and families to come to the Recurse Center, and making new friends here takes time and energy. They're sometimes overwhelmed by meeting so many new people. Recursers sometimes feel guilty about spending time away from their children or other people they care for. If they have a long commute or a rigid schedule, they may feel excluded from after-hours social events.

Recursers sometimes feel that everyone else is being much more productive than they are. (This is often a manifestation of impostor syndrome.) It's easy to see only the people who are doing particularly well, but in reality everyone's productivity ebbs and flows.

Recursers sometimes struggle with the lack of structure. If you're coming from a more structured environment, expect this adjustment to be challenging at first.
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december 2016 by kme
Impostor effect: Women feel like frauds at work because they are high achieving perfectionists. []
What happened? In one of the weirdest takes on the impostor syndrome I’ve seen, New York Times writer Benedict Carey proposes that these feelings and behaviors are actually an effective social strategy, rather than a personality tic. “Projecting oneself as an impostor can lower expectations for a performance and take pressure off a person,” he notes. The “phony phony” gets brownie points for being humble, even if she’s “secretly more confident than [she] lets on.” This made me wonder: Am I a fraud, or just a fraud at being a fraud? Maybe it doesn’t matter, because according to Carey, if one takes the self-deprecation too far, she starts to believe her own act. Could it be that women turn toward impostor syndrome as a presentation technique to cope with perfectionism (and—bonus—appear nice), only to get mentally sucked in?

My final theory is that ladies, long characterized as passive and valued for inert traits like beauty, are still expected to arrive at their victories effortlessly. Unlike men, they can’t let the world see them sweat or grind; so when they have to work to accomplish things (as one does), they are more likely to feel like phonies.
august 2016 by kme
You are NOT inadequate. (
We fail (as an industry) when we try to come up with the all-singing, all-dancing applications framework to end all applications frameworks. Maybe that's because there is no grand, unified theory waiting to emerge. One of the hallmarks of postmodernism – which some think is a distinguishing feature of our times – is that there's no "grand narrative," no overarching story to guide us. Instead, there are lots of little stories.
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april 2016 by kme

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