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You can make readline (and bash) much more user friendly by adding a few options to ~/.inputrc : commandline |
set completion-prefix-display-length 2

This one is insanely useful when you have a folder with lots of similarly named files and you are not sure how far the completion has gone when you press TAB. The first part that has been completed will be replaced by "...", and it is simple to see what you need to type to finish the completion.
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october 2018 by kme
How to type accents, emoji, and symbols on your Mac - Apple Support |
The question is, how would you change that shortcut, or where would you even find that? It's like a "secret" or something (ref:
You can use the Character Viewer to insert smileys, dingbats, and other symbols as you type.

1. Click the place in your document or message where you want the character to appear.
2. Press Control–Command–Space bar. The Character Viewer pop-up window appears:
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november 2017 by kme
linux - Bash script, read values from stdin pipe - Stack Overflow


IFS= read var << EOF

You can trick read into accepting from a pipe like this:

echo "hello world" | { read test; echo test=$test; }

or even write a function like this:

read_from_pipe() { read "$@" <&0; }

But there's no point - your variable assignments may not last! A pipeline may spawn a subshell, where the environment is inherited by value, not by reference. This is why read doesn't bother with input from a pipe - it's undefined.

FYI, is a nifty collection of the cruft necessary to fight the oddities and incompatibilities of bourne shells, sh.
bash  shellscripting  pipes  input  solution 
september 2017 by kme
linux - how to read just a single character in shell script - Stack Overflow
In ksh you can basically do:

stty raw
REPLY=$(dd bs=1 count=1 2> /dev/null)
stty -raw

Yes, read can do it:

read -n1 ans

bash  ksh  shellscripting  input  tipsandtricks  stty 
january 2017 by kme
iOS 8 Third-Party Keyboards Explained and Reviewed
It’s free. On Android, SwiftKey makes money by selling themes and other features through in-app purchases. But those have not arrived on iOS yet. There has also been talk of offering advertisements on the keyboard, though that is expressly forbidden by Apple’s App Store guidelines. In any case, I’m unconvinced by these business models, and I’m less trustful of companies that don’t seem to have a clear, dependable revenue stream.

I’m less trustful of companies that don’t seem to have a clear, dependable revenue stream.

Not an option for everyone but exactly one of the reasons I jailbreak my phones. Firewall IP does exactly this, showing you exactly where your apps are trying to call out to. Quite scary finding just how many places apps are making connections to behind the scenes.
thirdpartykeyboards  ios  input  keyboard  trust  free  nosuchthingasafreelunch 
october 2016 by kme
Applied Cadence & Slang: iOS 8: Keyboards
Ignoring this issue for a moment, why have third-party keyboards in the first place? Devices have done just fine with one keyboard in the past. I’m currently typing this on a year-old MacBook Pro, and I haven’t swapped its keys out or anything. The ability to have a software-based keyboard is causing this change – along with the fact that your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are all personal devices. Nobody else needs to use them.
input  ios  thirdpartykeyboards 
october 2016 by kme
samhocevar/wincompose · GitHub
Compose Key for Windows. Contribute to samhocevar/wincompose development by creating an account on GitHub.
windows  utility  input  altkeymaps  specialcharacters  composekey  maybesolution 
september 2015 by kme

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