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How to Use Apple Magic Trackpad with your Windows PC
WinRAR, strangely enough, does not extract the mentioned .msp file completely. It zeroes in on PCW_CAB_BootCamp, and *only* extracts that one file, leaving you to think you're getting burned by these instructions because you don't see any of the BootCamp3200* folders from the instructions. Really. Use 7-Zip like it says.
windows  apple  inputdevice  hardware  magictrackpad  solution  driver  winrar  7zip 
february 2014 by kme
Kensington Mouseworks and Lion: Apple Support Communities
I have an older Kensington Expert Mouse. 4 buttons and a trackball with a circular ring for scrolling. I went to the Kensington site and downloaded "Trackball Works V. 1.1.0" and installed on my iMac running Lion. It seems to work perfectly, allowing me to set up every configuration.
kensington  inputdevice  trackball  kensingtonexpertmouse  driver  mac  osx  maybesolution 
january 2014 by kme
Antibody Software - WizMouse makes your mouse wheel work on the window under the mouse -

Scrolls windows under the mouse without having to click first
Enables the mouse wheel in applications that don't support mouse wheels
Optionally reverse the mouse wheel direction (like OS X Lion "Natural" scrolling)
windows  mouse  inputdevice  essential  movein  utility  software  solution 
september 2013 by kme

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