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AI used for first time in job interviews in UK to find best applicants
Artificial intelligence (AI) and facial expression technology is being used for the first time in job interviews in the UK to identify the best candidates.

Unilever, the consumer goods giant, is among companies using AI technology to analyse the language, tone and facial expressions of candidates when they are asked a set of identical job questions which they film on their mobile phone or laptop.

The algorithms select the best applicants by assessing their performances in the videos against about 25,000 pieces of facial and linguistic information compiled from previous interviews of those who have gone on to prove to be good at the job.

Hirevue, the US company which has developed the interview technology, claims it enables hiring firms to interview more candidates in the initial stage rather than simply relying on CVs and that it provides a more reliable and objective indicator of future performance free of human bias.
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october 2019 by kme
A single chart everybody needs to look at before Trump’s big fight over bringing back American jobs - The Washington Post
Economist Gordon Hanson, who has studied the impact of Chinese imports on the U.S. economy, has suggested that imposing a 45 percent tariff on Chinese imports, as Trump has suggested he may do, may actually benefit factory owners and their investors more than workers. A tariff would encourage American consumers to buy more American-made goods. That would substantially increase business for owners and investors with factories in the United States, but it may not translate into that many jobs, since factories could invest in automation to produce more at home, rather than workers.
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november 2016 by kme

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