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Jen Simmons: Revolutionize your page: Real art direction on the web - YouTube
Interesting insights about Instapaper, reader mode, intelligent digital assistants using pages without the designers' CSS--and there being no stats for that.
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october 2019 by kme
Fixed Footer | CSS-Tricks
#footer {
css  webdesign  layout  solution  dammitbrain 
june 2016 by kme
The difference between width:auto and width:100% | 456 Berea Street
On the other hand, if you specify width:100%, the element’s total width will be 100% of its containing block plus any horizontal margin, padding and border (unless you’ve used box-sizing:border-box, in which case only margins are added to the 100% to change how its total width is calculated). This may be what you want, but most likely it isn’t.

This is why a 100% footer will expand past the right margin of the body (causing a horizonal scroll bar) if you also give it padding. Margin wouldn't work either if there's a border on that <div> (unless you don't want the border to go edge-to-edge).

Solution: box-sizing:border-box;
fuckina  webdevel  css  layout  boxmodel  solution  dammitbrain 
september 2014 by kme
css - Make DIV fill remainder of page vertically? - Stack Overflow []
What actually fixed it for me:
function resize() {
$("#bottom").height($(document).height() - $('#top').height());
jquery  css  positioning  layout  webdesign  webdevel  solution 
august 2014 by kme
CSS Clearfix Demystified • Themergency []
.clearfix:after {
content: ".";
display: block;
height: 0;
clear: both;
visibility: hidden;
clearfix  floats  css  layout  webdesign  dammitbrain 
july 2014 by kme

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