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Oracle’s Java 8 and Mac OS X 10.7.x | Der Flounder
At some point Oracle stopped supporting Java 8 on OSX 10.7 Lion. Testing the latest fails with some missing symbols from the Java dylib/awt. It’d be nice to know exactly when this cutoff occurred.
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12 days ago by kme
10.6: Add NFS Mounts using Disk Utility - Mac OS X Hints
This is getting me soooo close. Turns out the 'nobrowse' command is passed to these automounts by default, so they don't show up in Finder, but I want that. Evidence suggests that '-o browse' might work ordinarily, but when I restart automountd (see I get this error:
Assertion failed: (strlcat((mntops_out), (","), (optlen)) < (optlen)), function process_fstab_mntopts, file /SourceCache/autofs/autofs-207.1/automountlib/ns_fstab.c, line 171.

Solution at - yes, those "Advanced Mount Parameters" are passed as comma-separated options to '-o'. Unsure whether '-o browse,nobrowse' will cancel and blow up the computer or not.

NB: This capability was removed from Disk Utility in Mountain Lion (10.8). There's a third party (non-free) utility called NFSManager ( which can fill the gap, or you can manually create these mount points using Directory Services utilities (see
nfs  mac  osx  lion  automount  autofs  diskutility  maybesolution  errormessage 
january 2014 by kme

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