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Howard Chu - LMDB [The Databaseology Lectures - CMU Fall 2015] - YouTube |
For icing on the cake, packages build by default with useful compile-time features such as consistent use of the ELF rpath header, allowing programs to run in the target environment without requiring LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be set at all, since the built binaries contain internal annotations telling the runtime linker where its library dependencies are to be found.
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november 2017 by kme
Some final notes about LMDB review - Ayende @ Rahien |
Given what I've seen about the common wisdom of good code, I'd say most of it is garbage. Good code is code that yields the correct result using the fewest resources. In particular, your notion about gotos:

It's an interesting argument, but it all comes crashing down in the very last sentence:

"In [2] Guiseppe Jacopini seems to have proved the (logical) superfluousness of the go to statement. The exercise to translate an arbitrary flow diagram more or less mechanically into a jump-less one, however, is not to be recommended. Then the resulting flow diagram cannot be expected to be more transparent than the original one. "

Fundamentally all of those structured programming constructs are just fancy dressing for gotos. When using them gives a compact representation, use them. When using them just complicates the apparent flow, use a goto. It's that simple.
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november 2017 by kme

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