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How to specify shell for vim? - Super User
I don't understand why this was necessary; my shell was already set to the MacPorts version of Bash, but MacVim was running /bin/sh instead.

<code class="language-vim">set shell=/path/to/zsh</code>
macvim  macos  vim  annoyance  configfile  movein  solution 
12 weeks ago by kme
macos - How to run mvim (MacVim) from Terminal? - Stack Overflow
My solution: add /Applications/ to the PATH.
macvim  macos  console  terminal  cli  movein  solution 
september 2019 by kme
Bash causes high CPU - Apple Community
My 'bash -l' that was consistently using ~30% CPU and running the fan up was a sub-process of MacVim, which made me worry about an exploit of the modeline bug. But I was running an up-to-date version of MacVim, so it was a persistent problem, since before that CVE was released. Dunno.

It didn't have any interesting files or ports open, and just seemed to be recursing endlessly, so I just killed it... and all is well again?
mac  osx  macos  macvim  bash  highcpu  fanspeed  troubleshooting 
august 2019 by kme

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