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Re: [Mailman-Users] Topics Help.
The administrator of a list defines topics and gives them names. Then,
a list member's options page lists the defined topics and gives the
member the option of selecting which topics to receive. Then the
member who elects to receive posts matching certain topics will
receive all posts that match any of the selected topics. The member
will not receive any posts from the list that match one or more topics
but not any selected topics, and the member has the additional option
of whether or not to receive posts that match no topics at all.
Members who don't select topics continue to receive all posts. All of
this applies only to regular (non-digest) members. Topics do not apply
to digests.

In short, you allow list members to subscribe to different topics
simply by defining topics for that list.
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december 2017 by kme
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Q: How can I subscribe one list to another or set up nested lists (sub-lists)?
A: LISTSERV offers a robust facility for creating nested lists by using "super-lists" and "sub-lists".
"With a super-list, the membership of all the sub-lists is added (recursively) and duplicates are suppressed. The super-list is a normal list with its own archives, access controls, etc." - List Owner's Manual by L-Soft.
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september 2015 by kme

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