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nvALT 2.2β 104 -
Still can't get Marked preview to work right.
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april 2013 by kme
Is there a vim plugin for preview markdown file? - Stack Overflow
function! s:setupMarkup() nnoremap <leader>p :silent !open -a '%:p'<cr> endfunction au BufRead,BufNewFile *.{md,markdown,mdown,mkd,mkdn} call s:setupMarkup()
vim  markdown  markup  marked  preview  webdevel  plugin  script  samplecode  solution 
march 2013 by kme
Marked Bonus Pack (scripts, commands and bundles) / How-to, tips and tricks / Knowledge Base - Marked Support
:nnoremap <leader>m :silent !open -a '%:p'<cr>

P.S.: You actually have to *install* the Automator workflow(s) from the 'MarkedBonusPack1.5/Services' folder in order for NValt's "Preview in Marked" to work.

P.P.S: Marked preview in NValt doesn't work without the watcher script running.
vim  tipsandtricks  marked  markdown  mac  osx  solution  nvalt 
march 2013 by kme

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