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Help:Table - Meta
Another alternative is to display the source code within a <source code="html5">...</source> element (with the additional benefit of keeping HTML comments visible, and coloring the HTML compatible syntax, even if the wiki-specific syntax itself is not colorized where it uses specific delimiters, like [paired brackets] for links, {paired braces} for templates transclusion or parameters and tables, pipes between template parameters, pipes and exclamation marks between table cells in the same row, __MAGIC__ keywords, and the specially recognized punctuation at start of lines for lists, indented blocks; preformated text and section headings ; it also preserves source code indentation with whitespaces).
wikitext  wiki  mediawiki  markup  tipsandtricks  annoyance  solution 
january 2015 by kme
How to fold/unfold HTML tags with Vim - Stack Overflow
I have found zfat (or, equally, zfit) works well for folding with HTML documents. za will toggle (open or close) an existing fold. zR opens all the folds in the current document, zM effectively re-enables all existing folds marked in the document.

If you find yourself using folds extensively, you could make some handy keybindings for yourself in your .vimrc.
vim  folding  programming  html  markup  solution 
september 2014 by kme
Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML
Word 2011's HTML output is shockingly awful. I am so miserable.
microsoft  word  msword  cleanup  texprocessing  html  markup  webapp  utility  solution 
april 2013 by kme
Kinda borked for MS Word 2011--deletes all the content, leaving only the <style> and other garbage at the top.
microsoft  word  msword  cleanup  texprocessing  html  markup  webapp  utility 
april 2013 by kme
Linking to other Wiki pages on Github? - Stack Overflow
[Link Text](WikiPage)

seems to work in the edit preview but not on the actual wiki page. At least for me the generated link is WikiPage instead of wiki/WikiPage and I get the famous GitHub 404.

However the MediaWiki syntax

[[WikiPage|Link Text]]

works for me, even for Markdown wiki pages.
github  wiki  markup  markdown  solution 
march 2013 by kme
Is there a vim plugin for preview markdown file? - Stack Overflow
function! s:setupMarkup() nnoremap <leader>p :silent !open -a '%:p'<cr> endfunction au BufRead,BufNewFile *.{md,markdown,mdown,mkd,mkdn} call s:setupMarkup()
vim  markdown  markup  marked  preview  webdevel  plugin  script  samplecode  solution 
march 2013 by kme

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