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arch linux - Setting console font in vconsole.conf does not work (systemd) - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Also mentioned in that email thread: try the (boring) lat0-{08,10,12,14,16} fonts before giving up entirely. At least on CentOS (7), the Terminus console fonts don't seem to work at all.
centos7  consolefont  hiresconsole  annoyance  maybesolution 
21 days ago by kme
Regarding shell scripts that are only meant to be source (SC2148) · Issue #581 · koalaman/shellcheck
Now (in 0.7.0 from MacPorts) I get POSIX 'sh' warnings, even though I've specified
<code class="language-bash"># shellcheck shell=bash</code>
shellcheck  bug  maybesolution 
29 days ago by kme
Fixing SSL CA certificates with OpenSSL from MacPorts -
MacPorts now offers a Methode that syncs certificates from the system keychain:
<code class="language-bash">sudo port install certsync
sudo port load certsync</code>
As for the missing dependency, consider filing a bug.
openssl  macports  macos  ca  cacert  certificate  curl  maybesolution 
29 days ago by kme
windows - Getting WGET to display a less verbose output - Super User
You can use -nv to make wget less verbose, but it won't show download progress in that case.

<code class="language-bash">wget -q --show-progress</code>

--show-progress will override the "quiet" flag.

Also interesting:
<code class="language-bash">curl -#:</code>
wget  curl  progressbar  annoyance  downloading  spidering  webcrawling  maybesolution 
4 weeks ago by kme
macOS build fails by linker · Issue #82 · shundhammer/qdirstat
<code>/Applications/Developer/ -stdlib=libc++ -headerpad_max_install_names -arch x86_64 -Wl,-syslibroot,/Applications/Developer/ -mmacosx-version-min=10.12 -Wl,-rpath,@executable_path/../Frameworks -o .app/Contents/MacOS/ -F/opt/local/libexec/qt5/lib -framework QtGui -framework QtCore -framework DiskArbitration -framework IOKit -framework OpenGL -framework AGL
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
"_main", referenced from:
implicit entry/start for main executable
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
make[1]: *** [.app/Contents/MacOS] Error 1
make: *** [sub-doc-make_first-ordered] Error 2</code>
build  compiler  errormessage  maybesolution  macos 
5 weeks ago by kme
Switch Out The Awful Default Notification Center Sound For Something Better [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac
Doesn't seem to work anymore in Mojave. It's not playing Basso, but some other sound I can't find in /System/Library/Sounds.
macos  notificationcenter  customization  alertsounds  annoyance  maybesolution 
5 weeks ago by kme
Disable Notification Center & Remove the Menu Bar Icon in Mac OS X
<code class="language-bash">launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

killall NotificationCenter</code>
mac  osx  defaults  notificationcenter  annoyance  maybesolution 
6 weeks ago by kme
perl - Why CONCAT() does not default to default charset in MySQL? - Stack Overflow
This did NOT work (for me):
It probably is DBD::mysql issue/peculiarity. Try enabling utf8 in database handle as described in POD for DBD::mysql (mysql_enable_utf8 part).
perl  dbi  mysql  dba  database  query  collation  errormessage  maybesolution 
8 weeks ago by kme
linux - Bash completion for path in argument (with equals sign present) - Stack Overflow
Check out the definition of COMP_WORDBREAKS in your environment to see why '--arg=<TAB>' (maybe) isn't working.
bash  programmablecompletion  tabcompletion  completion  maybesolution  workaround 
8 weeks ago by kme
undefined reference to symbol 'XFlush' · Issue #1 · archetipo/leapmouse · GitHub |
I ran into this issue trying to compile gSTM on elementaryOS Loki 5.0, based on Ubuntu 18.04, and I had to add `-lX11 -lxml2` in about three different places in 'src/Makefile'. Still didn't run.
build  compiler  toolchain  linker  errormessage  maybesolution 
9 weeks ago by kme
Issue 34036: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_ctypes' when install Python 3.7 on Linux - Python tracker
Ran into this problem building Python 3.7.4 on the HPC cluster.
Ctypes is meant to be (at least it used to be) an optional module. If you don’t actually care about building ctypes, this might be the same as Issue 31652. Using “configure --without-ensurepip” was suggested as a workaround.
python  build  fromsource  compiler  errormessage  maybesolution 
9 weeks ago by kme
macos - Add a locale in Mac OSX - Stack Overflow
Looking into this found that, as of Mac OS X 10.10.3, collation is still broken for Spanish and most European languages. Collation definitions for these locales are linked to an ASCII definition. This ends up breaking things such as ORDER BY clauses on PostgreSQL.

Also, WTF is does 'la_LN' mean anyway?
macos  elcapitan  annoyance  sorting  brokenness  collation  lc_all  dateandtime  unix  maybesolution 
12 weeks ago by kme
OpenConnect VPN client. |
On Linux, it's possible to create its tun device in advance. For example:
<code class="language-bash">
# ip tuntap add vpn0 mode tun user dwmw2

This creates a device vpn0 which can be opened by user dwmw2 who can pass traffic to/from it without needing any elevated privileges. You can now tell OpenConnect to use that device by adding "-i vpn0" to its command-line arguments. Note that the /dev/net/tun device node should be readable and writeable by everyone. (Some distributions misconfigure that, so if it isn't world-writeable then please file a bug against your distribution.)
vpn  cisco  anyconnect  linux  networking  sysadmin  maybesolution 
july 2019 by kme
Bash eternal history
Many times I've found myself using Ctrl-R in Bash to get a old command four times the terminal width, just to find out that too many days have passed and it's no longer in the .bash_history file. Here are two lines that will keep track of every command line you type at the bash prompt and use no external processes at all, just plain bash.

My first approach to this problem was increasing the maximum number of lines in the history to a very large quantity. But no matter how large it was, there was always a moment when I needed a long command I typed many months ago and it had already left the history. The current solution came to my mind when I learned about the PROMPT_COMMAND variable, a command that bash executes before showing each prompt. Here are the two lines:
<code class="language-bash">export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%s "
"$(history 1)" >> ~/.bash_eternal_history'</code>
bash  history  histfile  configfile  maybesolution 
july 2019 by kme
python - Is it possible to open a locked sqlite database in read only mode? - Stack Overflow
SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY flag - look into this. Probably only part of the C API, which Python's sqlite3 won't necessarily support.

This is the solution I ended up using:
You could try just copying the database file (e.g., with the system utility cp) and using that snapshot for reading purposes
python  sqlite  concurrency  database  locking  errormessage  maybesolution 
june 2019 by kme
linux - bashdb startup error: bashdb/lib/ line 91: /dev/pts/2: Permission denied - Stack Overflow -
Got this error message in a CentOS 7 Docker image, added user to the 'tty' group with 'vigr', then also had to 'chmod g+r' /dev/pts/0.
bash  shellscripting  bashdb  errormessage  maybesolution 
june 2019 by kme
savehistory function | R Documentation
The "Example" section is jacked up, and I can't tell what that's supposed to look like; try (answer from Hadley Wickham) instead.

Maybe the version of R that we have on the cluster didn't build against the readline library or something, and *that's* why up/down arrows don't recall the history.
r  history  repl  annoyance  maybesolution 
june 2019 by kme
yum - How to add language support on CentOS 7 (on Docker)? - Server Fault
If they'd just stop saying 'localectl' is the solution, when it doesn't work in Docker. There's no DBus daemon running or something. The 'systemctl' command doesn't work, even. These things are stripped out in container environments, I guess.

What *actually* works is
<code class="language-bash">yum reinstall -y glibc-common</code>
and then setting 'LC_ALL` or 'LANG` in the environment.
centos  centos7  locale  docker  language  characterencoding  maybesolution 
june 2019 by kme
Rack Attack | GitLab
Documentation for GitLab Community Edition, GitLab Enterprise Edition, Omnibus GitLab, and GitLab Runner.
gitlab  sysadmin  rackattack  throttling  configsetting  maybesolution 
june 2019 by kme
xml - Using xmllint and xpath with a less-than-perfect HTML document? - Stack Overflow
'xidel' ( seems to handle malformed HTML better than 'xmllint --html' or 'xmlstarlet' even after passing through 'tidy'.
xml  xpath  webscraping  malformedhtml  maybesolution 
may 2019 by kme
elementary/wingpanel-indicator-ayatana: Wingpanel Ayatana-Compatibility Indicator |
Wingpanel Ayatana-Compatibility Indicator. Contribute to elementary/wingpanel-indicator-ayatana development by creating an account on GitHub.
elementaryos  panelindicator  appindicators  maybesolution  deadproject 
may 2019 by kme
Question #216282 : Questions : elementary OS |
All the gtk apps had their icons in the panel. Turns out the sni-qt package was missing. They are back now.
elementaryos  qt  panel  indicators  appindicators  annoyance  maybesolution 
may 2019 by kme
GitHub - subogero/rename: Perl rename as a separate package
Perl rename as a separate package. Contribute to subogero/rename development by creating an account on GitHub.
Removes confusion about the util-linux vs Perl versions of rename.

Installs into /usr/local/bin, so it has precedence over your system's default rename.
perl  rename  filemanagement  maybesolution 
may 2019 by kme
LFTP FTPS and Certificate Verification » Versatile Web Solutions |
<code class="language-bash">
openssl s_client -showcerts -connect -starttls ftp
lftp  cryto  cacert  certificate  woes  maybesolution  troubleshooting 
april 2019 by kme
regro/conda-metachannel: like a conda-metapackage but for channels! |
like a conda-metapackage but for channels! Contribute to regro/conda-metachannel development by creating an account on GitHub.

conda  conda-forge  bandaid  itsslow  workaround  maybesolution 
march 2019 by kme
CalendarAgent process is out of control -… - Apple Community |
Yeah, no, this didn't work. I did that, and the CalendarAgent still hogs a CPU and spins the fan up to max. Disabling the Google Calendar accounts might be the only solution.
I was able to get this to stop. Go to:

* System Preferences
* Notifications

Click the "Calendar" entry on the left. Un-Check everything on the right. The entry moves to the bottom (or below the line). After that, my CPU went straight down to a normal percentage, system temp dropped, etc.
mac  osx  calendaragent  troubleshooting  annoyance  maybesolution 
march 2019 by kme
Blank lines are not preserved. · Issue #48 · janl/mustache.js |
Try the following JS code: var a = Mustache.to_html('{{tag1}}\n\n\n{{tag2}}.\n', {tag1:'Hello', tag2:'World'}, {}); a should contain the string Hello\n\n\nWorld.\n whereas currently it contains the string Hello\nWorld. The problem stems ...
mustache  templates  webdevel  maybesolution  annoyance  bug 
march 2019 by kme
Create a recovery drive |
This seems to also be how you *delete* the existing recovery drive (which is 300-some megabytes) from the PC. This seems to be necessary in order to extend the Window OS system partition?

windows  win10  recoverydrive  bootableusb  systemrecovery  disasterrecovery  howto  maybesolution 
february 2019 by kme
Baltasarq/cscrutil: Multiplatform screen console management for C |
Multiplatform screen console management for C. Contribute to Baltasarq/cscrutil development by creating an account on GitHub.
c  cplusplus  ansi  colors  ansicolors  console  cli  commandline  library  maybesolution 
february 2019 by kme
Xterm Titles With Bash - David Pashley.comDavid |
<code class="language-bash">
if [ "$SHELL" = '/bin/bash' ]
case $TERM in
set -o functrace
trap 'echo -ne "\e]0;"; echo -n $BASH_COMMAND; echo -ne "\007"' DEBUG
export PS1="\e]0;$TERM\007$PS1"
bash  dynamictitle  xterm  configfile  ps1  promptstring  maybesolution 
january 2019 by kme
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